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3 Reasons to take a Fresh Look at Vacation Care

Hello Australian Spring and Summer months!

With the weather warming up, sunshine out and the days starting to get longer, you might be starting to plan your holiday trip with the children to take advantage of the warmer seasons.

Then your inner voice questions, ‘Do I have enough annual leave?’

Do you?

As with many families across Australia, both parents work, in full or part-time capacities, leaving those 4 weeks annual leave stretching thin across the year. School holiday periods run well over the four weeks leave families receive from employers. Some parents might be able to access relatives or friends to help supplement the extra time your children are out of school.

For those of you who can’t always take time off and are wondering how to keep your children busy during the holidays, take a fresh look at vacation care and what it can offer.

Education from Experiences

All children love experiences! Something new, interesting and fun that they can tell their family and friends about. A good vacation care program will offer your children numerous incursions (centre-based experiences) and excursions (offsite experiences) throughout the holiday period, based on giving your children experiences that not only stimulate but educate them.

Activities range from experiences that tap into various senses and skills including creativity, sight, taste, touch, smell, intellectual and physical abilities. With an abundance of children’s activities available there is bound to be a few in the vacation care program that your children will love!

Engagement & Being Present

We know that less screen time is important and that the engagement of children is something we all strive to achieve. Reputable vacation care centres choose activities that specifically focus on engaging with your children and keeping them present in the moment.

Many activities directly involve the children either through movement, participation, team work or creativity, to name a few. And the activities that do include screen time and the use of computers, such as Robotics & App creation classes, channel children’s enthusiasm for all things digital to produce a spectacular outcome!


Children are social creatures, with many having a social calendar busier than their parents! If you are considering vacation care for your children, consider that it gives them the opportunity to socialise in a relaxed and safe environment. It provides an opportunity for them to build new friendships with a broader social group outside of school hours.

Many vacation care programs include team work, which assists children in learning to work together with all different types of personalities and through activities children develop new friendships.

The wrap up?

Do your research and locate a reputable vacation care centre, which offers children lots of experiences, fun and learning in a relaxed and safe environment. Many families could be eligible for rebates for vacation care, however please check the Australian Government, Department of Human Services for the latest information.

Vacation care indeed has its place. With many school-aged children enjoying having time to hang out with their friends, outside of the school term, and engaging in a range of activities on offer, you might find your kids will benefit in more than one way.

Happy holidays,
The Fun Day Out Team.