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  • Two engaging workshops....which one will you choose?

    These workshops are free for any child that has not yet used their Creative Kids Voucher.

    1. Hands on practical filmmaking workshop!

    Highly engaging use of technology that actively promotes narrative writing, teamwork, creativity, drama and technical skills.

    Improves visual literacy for kids in a world of increased visual communication media. 

    2. Neuranext Synthetic Cognition

    Artificial Intelligence is an Incursion program that introduces students to the key scientific concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

    Kids learn about A.I., get to implement computer vision using Python Code and Jupyter Notebooks with data and images they create.

    Kids also workshop future applications of the technology and their impact on the world.

    These activities are funded by the Creative Kids Voucher. 
    Parents/carers will need to apply for the Creative Kids Voucher via this link -
    The voucher can then be redeemed towards one of these activities.


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