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This show is an entertaining explosion of magic

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  • Master of the Darker Arts

    Magic with a darker, more gothic flavour. Lestat tends toward the sinister, the macabre and the vaguely malevolent, yet with his astute sense of occasion his audience is never pushed too far!

    When you've been around as long as Lestat, you're sure to learn a trick or two.

    You will bare witness as Lestat creates a dove from thin air, proves he can't be harmed by conventional means and levitates silver spheres, tables and maybe even you!

    Lestat tailors each show to each individual audience and is able to perform for all ages. A bright and breezy "Comedic Kids Show", suitable for all ages.


    • This show is an entertaining explosion of magic
    • Children will be fully engaged
    • Children will have the opportunity to pat Fluffbut after the show

    What's Included?

    • 1.5 hours of fun and laughter
    • Full compliance verification and documentation


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