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Science can reveal the truth about how things in this world work.

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  • Mad Scientist Workshop

    Science can reveal the truth about how things in this world work and if you are crazy enough to think you can change this world for the better then learn to be a “MAD scientist!”

    Be curious, be challenging, be watchful and be willing to experiment. Come with your “Mad Scientist” costume and perform favourites from our Science Spectacular workshop, such as slime and volcano.

    There will be plenty of experiments to extend your knowledge of how elements interact, like creating fog rings with a smoke machine, making stress balls with slime and rainbow plate using smarties.


    • Experiment with different elements and gases
    • Observe the different behaviours of liquids and gases
    • Be inspired to learn more through experimentation and observation
    • Children will take home results of certain experiments

    What's Included?

    • 5hrs of Experimental Fun!
    • All required equipment will be provided and brought to your centre
    • Full compliance verification and documentation 

    Special Requirements:

    • Best suited to approx. 30 children
    • Prepare tables for children to stand at and work at
    • Provide close parking to the hall/venue
    • Ensure you give clear directions to the hall/venue
    • Ensure you have access to keys for gates beforehand 

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