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  • Build it up, build it up, build a Robot...

    The Robo Bricks program includes real-life practical software programming and the Young Engineers Edutainment approach, which combines learning with playing.

    In each lesson, the children build a model using LEGO® bricks and components that demonstrate the lesson’s subject.

    Each group receives a unique kit which is designed and manufactured especially for this purpose as well as programmatic interface tools, including NXT Intelligent bricks, sensors and servo motors.


    • Develops procedural logical thinking
    • Develops the ability to cope malfunctions
    • Develops mathematical thinking
    • Develops programming skills
    • Develops motor skills
    • Encourages creative thinking
    • Develops engineering processes analytic skills
    • Strengthens social aptitude, self-confidence and a sense of capability


    What's Included?

    • All required equipment will be provided and brought to your centre 
    • Full compliance verification and documentation

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