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Highly interactive show brought to your centre

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  • Sensational Science for All Ages!

    Students will love watching the multi-talented Paul Grierson get down and dirty with a truckload of experiments that will thrill the audience!

    This highly interactive show is designed to work with every child’s natural curiosity and to turbo charge it. Paul’s enthusiasm is contagious as he explores a variety of scientific concepts then offers simple to understand explanations in his warm & humorous style. 


    • Forces, including gravity and magnetism
    • Energy and its transfer
    • Electricity and where it comes from
    • Chemical reactions (not interactive but spectacular)
    • Flight and the forces affecting it
    • This show was developed with the help of a Research Microbiologist with all concepts based in real science

    What's Included?

    • Highly interactive show brought to your School
    • Full compliance verification and documentation 

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