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A Practical Approach to World-Class Public Speaking

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  • Powerful public speaking for kids!

    Forget the projector and put away the phone, it’s time to speak up!

    TED (that’s Technology, Education and Design) talks are a recent reminder of a timeless fact.That is, the ability to speak in public has a HUGE bearing on your life!

    Kids today spend more time than ever on devices that stunt face-to-face communication.
    The good news? Kids that do switch off screens and step onto the speaker’s stage have a massive advantage.


    • Better Than TED illuminates the way to compelling public speaking without PowerPoint or palm cards.
    • A three-stage experience that explores how to clarify content, captivate audiences and engage in continuous improvement.
    • The workshop provides kids with practical insight and – most important – a platform to practice this art.

    What's Included

    • 2hr workshop
    • Full compliance verification and documentation

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