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workshop is a fun and interactive exploration of different cultures

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  • Kids Go Crazy for Culture!

    This jam-packed 2 hour workshop is a fun and interactive exploration of different cultures. Brought to you by talented stage and radio performer, Laura Munro, she will inspire children to learn, perform and participate. This workshop develops kids' cultural appreciation through drama, music and movement.


    • Party in Mexico - children make their own maracas
    • Learn skills of the art of French Mime
    • Children kick up their legs, Can-Can style
    • A good old fashioned American Hoedown
    • Make crazy creations for New York Fashion Week
    • Perform in their very own K-Pop band (Gangnam Style anyone?)

    What's Included?

    • All materials for this excellent 2 hour workshop are brought to your centre
    • Full compliance verification and documentation

    My Time Our Place Framework

    • OUTCOME 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
    • OUTCOME 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • OUTCOME 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • OUTCOME 4: Children are confident and involved learners
    • OUTCOME 5: Children are effective communicators


  • Rating: 0
    Location St Jude's Primary School
    Comment The Culture Club incursion was FABULOUS!
    Emma was engaging and was fantastic with the students. They learnt a lot and had so much fun whilst doing it. I have even mentioned to Emma that Year 2 Australian Curriculum links directly to her program so it would be fabulous for her to do more school incursions!

    Thank you so much, we will look forward to doing it again next year!
    Rating: 5
    Location Harrison
    Comment The kids really enjoyed the line dancing and miming activity. The fashion show and the Mexican hat dance were also a hit! Fantastic interaction with the children which kept them engaged and entertained.
    Rating: 5
    Location Fadden
    Comment 10/10! The whole incursion had activities that were very appealing to the children.
    Rating: 5
    Location Isabella Plains
    All the children were fully engaged! She was able to support the children in learning all about cultures around the world with enthusiasm, and every child learnt something new!
    Comms At Work Palmerston
    Rating: 5
    Location Pymble LC
    Comment Very engaging and allowed the kids to understand different cultures in a fun way.
    Pymble LC OSHC
    Rating: 5
    Location Hornsby North
    The enthusiasm of the activity provider was great. All the kids had an amazing time while still learning about different cultures! Very well organized.
    HNCCA Vacation Care
    Rating: 5
    Location Mt Kuring gai
    The kids really loved dancing and making outfits for fashion week. Was exciting, the kids had so much fun!
    Mt Kuring-gai BASC
    Rating: 5
    Location Communities@Work
    Comment I'd heard how terrific it was from one of our services during our visit and this afternoon I was able to make my way out to Palmerston to see the workshop taking place and GEE! It was terrific! I didn't get her name but the lady who delivers the workshop is amazing, her energy is consistent throughout the 2 hours and she definitely engages the children throughout the whole time. If there is anything else that she does, we'd love to have her back!
    Veronica Noone
    Rating: 5
    Location Headstart ELC Clarendon
    Comment This lady was awesome! Well organised, professional, and highly entertaining.

    Rating: 5
    Location Headstart Norwest
    Comment Very entertaining....We would definitely invite back!

    Rating: 5
    Location St Michaels OOSH
    Comment The dancing at the end was great! We would definitely recommend them to other services.

    Rating: 5
    Location Lane Cove
    Comment Inspired staff members and motivated kids.....was age appropriate and the kids really enjoyed!

    Michaelian OOSH
    Rating: 5
    Location Cubbyhouse Mowbray
    Comment The kids loved it - everyone really enjoyed it.
    Rating: 5
    Location YMCA Revesby South
    Comment Laura was great with kids - they loved her!

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