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Ridiculously engaging, awesomely inclusive, crazily creative

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  • Looking for a fresh, fun and creative workshop for your Vacation Care Kids?

    Groove Nation will take your kids through an inclusive dance and drama session that fosters creativity, diversity and promotes social learning.
    All equipment is supplied including sound systems, student rewards and the latest and greatest appropriate music and choreography for all ages!


    • Intro/Warm Up: A high intensity, engaging start to set the tone!
    • Hip Hop: Hear of a Helicopter, Baby Freeze of Spongebob? Well your kids will be familiar with some of these exciting hiphop tricks after this funky session.
    • Movement & Drama: Groove Nation incorporates drama games with movement to help explore various emotions and nurture creativity.
    • Dance Fitness/Games: This component has a jam-packed party atmosphere (inspired by modern & Latin American beats).
    • Stretch & Rewards: A calm finish to end where Groove Nation works on flexibility and hand out student rewards.
    • Gain fundamental movement skills (as featured in the school curriculum)

    What's Included

    • 1.5 hours of jam packed fun
    • Drama Games for building confidence
    • Fitness Games for fit kids
    • Amazing tunes
    • Sound System Supplied
    • Full compliance verification and documentation


  • Rating: 5
    Location Vardys Road
    Comment The variety of activities that appealed to all children not just those that enjoy dancing. Groove Nation did a great job of maintaining the children's engagement for the whole time by changing it up.
    Rating: 5
    Location Oosh Northern Beaches
    Comment Great at engaging with the kids and encouraging all children to participate. This was a fun, engaging incursion!
    Rating: 5
    Location OFGS Care
    Comment Instructions were warm and friendly.. Lots of smiles - kids loved the Santa Game
    OFGS Care
    Rating: 0
    Location Tom Thumb Kindergarten Vacation Care
    Comment The mixture of activities and the energetic staff kept the children engaged for the entire session.
    The Team at Tom Thumb Kindergarten Vacation Care
    Rating: 0
    Location Girraween Activity Centre
    Comment Really engaging and great management of the entire group – the variety of activities was great.
    The Team at Girraween Activity Centre
    Rating: 0
    Location Lane Cove OOSH
    Comment Great for all ages, and both boys and girls loved it!
    The Team at Lane Cove OOSH
    Rating: 0
    Location Kellyville Ridge Vacation Care
    Comment Great interaction. Always lively!
    The Team at Kellyville Ridge Vacation Care
    Rating: 0
    Location COSHC St Bernadette’s
    Comment Loved the songs, and the energy of the teachers was great! Children loved getting involved and learning the combos.
    The Team at COSHC St Bernadette’s
    Rating: 0
    Location YMCA West Pennant Hills
    Comment Friendly and engaging staff with exciting activity ideas.
    The Team at YMCA West Pennant Hills

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