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Learn about basic plant requirements

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  • Inspiring the Next Generation of Green Guardians!

    Get growing with fun, creative and practical activities for all seasons with hands-on gardening activities for little green thumbs. The team at Hort 4 Kidz are qualified Horticulturists and experts in all things outdoors. Their infectious enthusiasm gets kids popping up like flowers in springtime to be involved!
    We come to you, with everything we need for a grrrreat green experience, inside or outside!


    • Learn about basic plant requirements
    • Soil demonstration
    • "Show & Tell" herbs with interesting facts
    • Decorate a biodegradable pot
    • Children choose their own herb seedling to pot up and take home

    What's Included?

    •  Everything you need for a great green experience is brought to you, inside or outside
    •  Full compliance verification and documentation


    My Time Our Place Framework

    • OUTCOME 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
    • OUTCOME 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    • OUTCOME 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    • OUTCOME 4: Children are confident and involved learners
    • OUTCOME 5: Children are effective communicators



  • Rating: 5
    Location Forestville
    Comment The children enjoyed how hands on the activities were.  I loved how the children were able to taste the herbs :)
    Rating: 5
    Location St Mary's
    Comment Interactive, interesting and a hands on experience. It is great the children get to take something home!
    Rating: 5
    Location Mount Colah
    Comment Informative and hands on!
    Rating: 5
    Location Botany
    Comment Engaging, interesting and relevant!
    Rating: 5
    Location Singleton Council
    Comment Everything was so professional!
    The Hort4Kidz team were great with the kids!
    Rating: 5
    Location West Ryde
    Comment It was great - all the kids enjoyed the session.
    Rating: 5
    Location Harbord OOSH
    Comment The staff were very professional and helpful with the children.
    Rating: 5
    Location Cherry Bridge Station
    Comment Everything was great. The children loved learning about different plants and were so excited being able to pot and take home their own plant.

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