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Give around of a-paws to the Team of Tricksters!

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  • Give around of a-paws to the Team of Tricksters!

    K9 TRACKS, founded by certified dog trainer, Jaice Jarrah. This educational workshop is all about dogs. With over 7 years experience in dog training, behaviour and management, Jaice’s expertise has been highly sought after and featured across the Australian press including, The Daily Telegraph, Southern Courier, Central Sydney Magazine, North Shore Times, Central Coast Express, Advocate, Better Homes & Gardens, Yours, That’s Life, Pets Magazine and many more. 

    Jaice is fiercely passionate about educating children and adults about the importance of safely interacting with dogs so she has created K9 TRACKS Vacation Care Workshops, filled full of physical activity, tricks, learning, problem solving, connecting, communicating and teamwork building.


    • Teaches children how to communicate effectively through the body language of a dog
    • Providing children the opportunity to engage and interact with an unknown dog in a nonintimidating way
    • Understand the value of dogs in our society and the importance of positive reinforcement training
    • Fun games, problem-solving and team-work activities

    What's Included

    • Some super cute dogs
    • Full compliance verification and documentation 




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