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North Strathfield and Macarthur Square

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  • Test your mental skills!

    -  North Strathfield, NSW  -   Macarthur Square, NSW -

    You will be briefed on a mission then lead into one of these new and amazing Escape Rooms.   
    Look for pointers, piece together the clues and complete the tasks….In the words of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises – “A hero can be anyone!”


    • Hunters Cabin
      Sheltering from a storm, deep in the woods you chance across a warm, lit cabin. Is this deliverance, or have you walked into the hunters trap? Can you figure out an escape before you become his trophy? 
    • Sweet Secrets
      High in the Swiss mountains, you've made your way into the factory known to make the best chocolate in the world. Are your senses acute enough to switch on the machine and steal its secret recipe? 

    What's Included?

    • 2hr package including Escape Room PLUS 2 missions of Laser Tag OR 30 minutes Arcade Games


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