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An unforgettable piece of circus theatre everyone can enjoy!

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  • Mix of Fun, Magic and Madness!

    Experience an unforgettable circus style theatre performance as Leo entertains your students with his extraordinary mime, juggling and magic skills.

    Leo Bonne is an incredible mime and expert juggler whose juggling skills extend to fire torches, knives, crystal balls, hats, umbrellas, tennis racquets and anything else you can think of.

    Originally from France, Leo studied at the Annie Fratellini Circus School in Paris and after perfecting his skills went on to perform with “les Cracheurs De Reves”, a troupe who often performed at prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival. Since arriving in Australia in 1995, Leo has continued to perform in both solo and group collaborations at high-profile venues such as The Star, as well as partaking in TV commercials and films including Yoplait and Mission Impossible 2. Leo continues to travel around the world taking his masterful shows to France, New Caledonia, Qatar and Singapore, to name just a few.

    In a show full of juggling, ballooning, comedy and magic along with traditional clown gags and slapstick tricks, Leo encourages audience participation in this unforgettable piece of circus theatre everyone can enjoy!

    Christmas Show

    A great way to end the year, Leo The Elf, takes students on a memorable journey combining his ever-popular circus theatre show with Christmas!


    • Extraordinary mime, juggling and magic skills
    • Unforgettable piece of circus theatre
    • Lots of audience participation


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