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Available in Sydney and Melbourne

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  • Helping Children Thrive

    Life Skills Group has developed a fun and engaging incursion filled with games, mindfulness, movement, dance and a huge amount of fun, that allow for creative expression and are intended to spark children’s imaginations in our fun and supportive environment.

    Each session will be structured around specific values and using a variety of teaching tools such as discussions, games, movement, dance and mindful practices.

    The sessions will be a combination of fun, active and calming activities giving the students tools to self-regulate, build confidence, resilience and spacial awareness and to relax.


    • An interactive and progressive program 
    • Promote concentration, communication, negotiation and listening skills
    • Build self-esteem, self-image, resilience and confidence
    • Teamwork, tactics and strategic skills built though team games and group work

    What's Included?

    • A Qualified and engaging instructor comes to your centre to take children through the workshop
    • Full compliance verification and documentation

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