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Children will learn safety on a fun mobile traffic course

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  • Making Safety Education Fun!

    Developed in 1998 in response to an increase in pedestrian accidents involving children, RAPS for Kids is a mobile traffic course consisting of working traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, “children crossing” signs and flags as well as ‘lollypop’ signs. This gives the children a replica of a real life situation within their school environment.

    By actively participating in the RAPS program and with the promotion of the STOP-LOOK-LISTEN-THINK emphasis, it is envisaged that students will become safer pedestrians.

    The RAPS incursion program is designed to complement any already established school Road Safety Programs. The program promotes learning by both practical and written experiences and all students will receive a road safety certificate at completion of the course.

    To date, the RAPS program has attended over 210 schools, involving approximately 20,000 children. 

    RAPS for Kids is committed to the promotion of pedestrian safety for school age children by fostering awareness of the dangers of being a pedestrian. It also provides them with direction to become and remain safe pedestrians.



    • Role play in a simulated traffic situation
    • Children participate as pedestrians in a realistic working replica traffic course, complete with Go Kartz, signs and traffic lights

    What's Included?

    • Both practical and written experiences in pedestrian road safety
    • Full compliance verification and documentation


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