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5hrs of Filmmaking Fun!

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  • Just in time for Halloween learn how a film can scare you right off your seat!

    Ever wondered how a film can scare you right off your seat?! 

    Making scary films uses all the techniques you need to make ALL sorts of films -suspense, action and emotion.


    • Professional filmmakers will show children techniques in:- how to use camera movement, angles and framing plus music and sound effects
    • Children will learn how lighting and performance manipulate, shock and scare their audience right of out of their seats!!
    • Film will be 'airdropped' or shared on a device in your centre at the end of the day of workshop

    What's Included?

    • 5hrs of Filmmaking Fun!
    • All required equipment will be provided and brought to your centre
    • Full compliance verification and documentation

    Special Requirements:

    • Best suited to approx. 30 children, ages 7+ as content may 'frighten' younger children 
    • Clear space for activity provider and the audience
    • Provide close parking to the hall/venue
    • Ensure you give clear directions to the hall/venue
    • Ensure you have access to keys for gates beforehand  


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