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Wanting to plan for Winter Vacation Care but still in limbo due to COVID19?

Mission Movement

Everyone should have the freedom to dance and express themselves.


with Hort4Kidz

This NAIDOC Bush Tucker Workshop is a fun, creative way for students to learn about native trees and plants, their uses

Planetarium Aboriginal Astronomy

Explore Indigenous Australian astronomy in this fascinating mobile Planetarium show
Aboriginal Astronomy - incursions sydney parramatta

Flight, Sound and Fire

by Jollybops Science

In this fun, musical and interactive show children will learn about the science of the Boomerang, Didgeridoo and lots more!
Hydrogen Combustion

Activate! Warrior Zone - Vacation Care

with Active Attitudes

A 15 point scavenger hunt encouraging mindset and mateship to support one another on a journey of survival to be the last troop standing.

Dynamic Earth

by Sydney Science Education

Become a Geologist to dig up the earth’s secrets
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