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  • Australia's Largest Animal Circus is Here!

    Stardust Circus is renowned for their exciting traditional circus show. Featuring performing animals, hilarious clowns and skilled acrobats, this fast-paced show will delight children young and old.

    Show Dates: TBA for Spring Holidays
    11am Performances


    • Performing lions, horses, monkeys, dogs, goats and even pigs!
    • Acrobatics and comedy
    • Flying trapeze and even a 12-person teeter board act

    What's Included?

    • 2 full hours of circus fun
    • Full compliance verification and documentation


  • Rating: 5
    Location United OOSH Services
    Comment I wanted to touch base and let you guys know that while we loved our experience with the circus and appreciate the manner in which the staff at the circus accommodated and welcomed our group!
    Sonya McClutchie
    Rating: 0
    Location Friendship Circle.
    Comment We had such a great time at Stardust Circus. The Crew went out of their way to make sure that our children were comfortable and happy. When some of our teens had meltdowns they opened up the jumping castle free of charge for the duration of the show. They also allowed them to go on many of the amusement rides for free and even gave one a teddy bear. What an incredibly special group of people.

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