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An eye-opening, mind-blowing, never-has-there-been-more-fun-when-learning, activity for your students!

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  • A Mind-Blowing Day of Fun!

    An eye-opening, mind-blowing, never-has-there-been-more-fun-when-learning, activity for your students!

    Jollybops excel in bringing science alive for students through exciting, stimulating and interactive shows. From exploding balloons to shattering tennis balls, flaming fireballs or the new Science with an Aboriginal Perspective Performance, their science shows have countless demonstrations - big and visual. If you can awaken a curious mind, who knows what achievements someone will make as they delve into the world of science discovery!

    We have an amazing range of shows to suit your curriculum needs;

    Balloon Science (50 minutes)

    Students will see fantastic science demonstrations, many with the humble balloon. These include exploding hydrogen balloons, spooky fog (dry ice demos), balloon helicopters that fly to the roof and back, liquids that mysteriously change colour (chemical reactions), expanding balloon heads, along with everything that pops and fizzes. Students will laugh along at the jokes of Rusty the Robot & The Jolly Wizard, all in the one great show. Concepts covered include Hot and Cold, Forces, Energy, Introductions to Solids, Liquids and Gases and Scientific Terminology.

    Move and Groove with Energy (50 Minutes)

    This show explores the concept of energy - different types of energy (heat, light & sound) and sources of energy (food, sun, fuel, etc). Visually dynamic demonstrations are used throughout to show to depict the transformations of energy. Comic interplay between the characters, The Jolly Professor and his humorous sidekick, Rusty the Robot, keep the students totally engaged. Student scientist volunteers help with experiments, which interweave basic scientific principles such as safety, observation and prediction in a fun sing-a-long show.

    Science with an Aboriginal Perspective (60 minutes)

    This show entitled “Flight, Sound and Fire – Science with an Aboriginal Perspective" essentially looks at the scientific principles behind some of the great inventions and environmental understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Students will discover the science behind the Boomerang. Learn about the science of sound and the Didgeridoo (Yidaki) Find out about the inventions of the great Aboriginal Scientist (and face of the $50 note) David Unaipon and discover how Indigenous Peoples of the Northern Territory today are helping cut Greenhouse Gases with their Caring for Country Fire Management Practices. All of these concepts are presented with student interaction in all demonstrations. A fun, musical and enlightening show with great show work booklets to help integrate Indigenous understanding and Science concepts into your schools curricula. Jollybops would like to acknowledge advice received from Indigenous educators in developing this show.

    Alchemists and Wizards - The Early Chemists (60 minutes)

    Who were these strange and mysterious figures who heated and mixed substances whilst trying to turn lead into gold or produce elixirs of life? History meets Science in this show as metals burn, gases explode and colours of liquids instantly change. Through a series of Chemistry experiments water changes to wine; Liquid Nitrogen liquefies air and even elephant’s toothpaste shoots to the ceiling all in the name of Chemistry. Concepts covered include Chemical reactions, Energy Changes, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Atoms, Physical versus Chemical Changes & properties of materials.

    Natural Phenomena and Energy (60 minutes)

    This show delivers a barrage of high-energy experiments. Visually dynamic demonstrations are used to highlight and create Natural Phenomena. Students will learn about the explosive fuel of the future, hydrogen, see many items freeze and shatter under the stress and strain of the super cold liquid nitrogen, watch materials burn, watch air crush an aluminium can, learn more about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and maybe even make a huge liquid Nitrogen Cloud! The material is presented in an entertaining and engaging manner by the Jolly Professor & Rusty, keeping all students totally engaged, without compromising the integrity of the highly informative scientific content. Concepts include magnetism, air pressure, energy changes, vacuums, forces & material science.

    What? Science or Magic? (60 minutes)

    In a humorous and most dynamic manner, students will watch a myriad of scientific demonstrations that will seem to them to be Magic but will indeed be science. The students will be introduced to a series of scientific concepts including properties of gases, forces, air pressure, gravity and the relationship between properties of materials & temperature. Rusty the Robot and the Jolly Professor use magic and comic pantomime, to keep the kids in total awe, thinking and laughing on the edge of their seats. A Fun Colourful and Explosive show sure to impress all students and teachers alike.

    An Australian/State Curricula Show, Designed by You!

    We have hundred's of great demos that we can tailor into a show specific to the Science Units or Topics you have, are, or will be studying. If you want a show on sound, energy, changes to materials or just 50 mins of Liquid Nitrogen demos, no problem! Let us know and we can tailor shows from year K to 6.


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