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Students will be empowered with this unique approach to music

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  • Trash Percussion - Exciting, Vibrant, Crazy Fun!

    Trash Percussion is an exciting, vibrant and all-inclusive style of percussion designed with the view that anything and everything can be a musical instrument. Utilising the philosophy that music is a combination of sound and silence, and that everyone can play music, these school incursion workshops are like no others as they put the students in the driver’s seat, empowering them with a unique approach to music.

    Students are encouraged to actively participate in working together as a team in composing what will result in a truly original piece of music on non-traditional instruments. By allowing students to be part of the composition process, Trash Percussion gives them a greater sense of ownership, appreciation and involvement. 


    • suitable for all age groups
    • involve group learning and encourage peer interaction
    • students learn to appreciate teamwork and encourage positive social skills
    • improve co-ordination
    • improve memory recall
    • are generally a whole lot of loud fun!

    What's Included?

    • In our 60-minute performance workshops, students are involved right from the start with a very hands-on approach. By utilising some tried and tested compositional tools will have a 1-2-minute percussion piece ready to perform at the completion of the workshop.

    • Alternatively, also available is the option of our term workshops where weekly tutorials enable students to work towards a 7-10-minute performance that can be presented at your school’s end of term showcase, Christmas Concert, special assembly or Open Day. We take students on a comprehensive journey, building skills of structure, tonality, arrangement, time signatures and improvisation over the term that allows for complex compositional processes to evolve and develop.

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