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Dr Hubble

Dr Hubble - vacation care sydney melbourne
One big bubble blown from the hand unites the children as an audience and brings them into a state of wonder. 
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Mirror Bunnies

Made completely of acrylic mirrors with the illusion of real mirrors, these characters are an amazing and quite unbelievable sight.
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Wick’d Candles

Take the pain out of coming up with ways to entertain, and book us for some creative fun making candles.
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Heidi Hoops

Heidi Hoops, one of Australia's most accomplished hula hoopers, teaches children how to spin the hoop whether it is for the very first time or to learn more complicated and fabulous moves
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Tarot Talis

Tarot Talis will bewilder everyone with amazing, thought provoking and profound divinations through tarot cards.  She will bring an aura of exciting mystery to your event or function.
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Photo Booth

Flash Me Photo Booth - vacation care sydney melbourne
Grab your mates and say cheese with several awesome packages available for photo booth hire.
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The Balancing Man

Relax and enjoy the awesomeness of household objects balancing precariously on his hands and face as he moves smoothly through his routine.
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It’s Game Show Time

In this high-energy game show, contestants will compete on teams in all kinds of outrageous challenges - everything from pop culture trivia, to costume contests to spinning the Magic Wheel.
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Spin Joy

Whether you’re looking for a hula hoop performance for your next function, or after hula hoop team building classes, Fun Day Out and Spin Joy can help you!
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