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Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq – Schools

A Fun Day of Action & Technology!

Archie Brothers – Cirque Electriq gives the excitement of arcades a new life!  The huge entertainment facility features amazing attractions that are technologically enhanced, to create extraordinarily unique experiences that will keep your students entertained for hours!

Locations include Alexandria in New South Wales, Toombul in Queesnland and Docklands in Victoria.

Combo packages also available with SkyZone in New South Wales and Melbourne Star Observation Wheel in Victoria.


  • 1, 2 and 3 hour unlimited play packages.
  • Choice of fun excursion or educational AttracTivity experience.
  • Lunch packages available.
  • Combo deals with SkyZone and Melbourne Star Observation Wheel available.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.


Archie Brothers – Cirque Electriq provide unlimited 1, 2 and 3 hour packages.

The excursion can be booked as a fun day out celebration or, if you are looking for an exciting but ‘educational’ experience for your students, book the AttracTivity experience.

The AtracTivity experience involves a guided educational tour of the premise and as students progress from ride to ride they will learn about the technology behind each attraction.  The AttracTivity experience is a super fun, fascinating day out and a great way to learn new skills and new technologies.

Rides vary depending on venue but can include:

  • ten pin bowling;
  • bumper cars;
  • target practice (only at Alexandria);
  • XD theatre;
  • Spy School – laser tag (only at Alexandria);
  • Laser Tag Frightmare (only at Alexandria); and
  • arcade games galore!

Food packages also available.

Curriculum & Syllabuses


Early Stage One

  • Develops a repertoire of physical activities in which they can participate.
  • Demonstrates fundamental movement skills while playing with and sharing equipment.
  • Identifies how people grow and change.
  • Identifies how individuals care for each other.

Stage One

  • Participates in physical activity, recognising that it can be both enjoyable and important for health.
  • Performs fundamental movement skills with equipment in minor games.
  • Describes the characteristics that make them both similar to others and unique.
  • Identifies the ways in which they communicate, cooperate and care for others.

Stage Two

  • Discusses the relationship between regular and varied physical activity, health.
  • Participates and uses equipment in a variety of games and modified sports.
  • Describes life changes and associated feelings.
  • Describes how relationships with a range of people enhance wellbeing.

Stage Three

  • Shows how to maintain and improve the quality of an active lifestyle.
  • Applies movement skills in games and sports that require communication cooperation, decision making and observation of rules.
  • Explains and demonstrates strategies for dealing with life changes.
  • Describes roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining positive relationships.
  • Compares and contrasts influences of the management of places and environments.

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