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Billycarts & Rocket Masterclass with Ranger Jamie – Vacation Care

What’s better than billycarts or rockets? Billycarts AND rockets!

In this action-packed, two-for-one masterclass, students will become masters of the sky and the ground as they build their own rockets and race against each other on the racecourse.

Guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping, students will watch in awe as they witness their rockets roar into the sky using a specially constructed high-pressure industrial rocket launcher.

Through championship competitions with their friends, students will monitor the highest rockets, learning how each shape and design affects performance.

Then, they’ll learn how to conquer forces whilst working together in teams building their communication skills, balance and fitness. After conquering the galaxy and racing against their friends, they’ll go home with their own rocket, fun experiences and a heap of new knowledge.


  • BillyCart Championships – kids race against each other
  • Launching Gas Rockets – Focusing on the force for air pressure gases

What's Included?

  • 2 awesome activities, for a 2.5 hour fun filled day
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Facilitator Profile

At school, Jamie always had to study harder than the average student. He was a visual learner who struggled concentrating when learning from whiteboards and textbooks in the conventional classroom. Jamie found practical and hands-on experiences beyond the classroom environment more engaging and valuable for his learning style. This sparked his dream to create an educational tour company where students could excel in an outdoor environment, learning through quality, hands-on and engaging experiences in practical real-life settings.

Jamie studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science/Marine Biology at the University of Technology Sydney. Following graduation, he went on to work as a National Parks Ranger where he gained extensive knowledge and experience.

Jamie later realised that education was his calling, and began Ranger Jamie Tours in the hope that he could revolutionise the school excursion industry. His goal was to create and tailor school excursion programs to cater for all students. Jamie strived to recruit a dedicated and enthusiastic team who believed in delivering engaging, hands-on, quality experiences for all students. With a focus on environmental science, Australian flora and fauna, Australian history, ecosystems and sustainability, he hopes to inspire the next generation towards an environmentally aware and sustainable future.

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