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Bollywood – School Activity

Students will have a ball, dancing and moving to the delightful sounds of Bollywood music, as they learn new skills and gain an understanding of, and appreciate a new culture.

Packed with games, colour, dancing and excitement this is a proven popular way to get the kids moving as students explore movement and dance to express their mood, feelings and ideas.

“The students really enjoyed and engaged with the content. Dec was professional, bubbly and made the students feel safe in expressing themselves”. 
St Joseph’s Primary School


  • Professional instructor dressed in Bollywood theme bringing accessories along for the students to wear
  • Listen to a brief history of Bollywood and watch a professional performance
  • Students partake in a warm up routine then learn a short Bollywood routine to perform at a friendly showcase at the completion of the session
  • Students experience a professional performance

What's Included?

  • This 60-minute workshop is presented by the delightful Nupur Dance Group
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Virtual Option

What is provided:

  • An interactive activity delivered via Zoom.
  • Your Zoom link and instructions on how to connect will be sent to you before your session starts.
  • Each Virtual Experience can be custom tailored for your group.

What you will need to provide:

  • Access to Zoom.
  • For large groups a big screen would be ideal, and a laptop or tablet for small groups.

Facilitator Profile

Nupur has reached many milestones over the years. In year 2000, 18 Nupur girls took part in the Opening Ceremony of Sydney Olympics and for the next few years Nupur went from strength to strength. This included live performances in concerts with Bally Sagoo (famous UK DJ), Hard Kaur (famous UK Indian rapper and Bollywood actress), Jay Sean (internationally renowned UK singer), and most memorable AR Rahman concert (internationally acclaimed music maestro, music composer, singer-song writer) in front of an audience of 80,000 people.

Jinnie De, the head instructor is trained in Odissi and also in contemporary styles of dance. Nupur has made a profound impact in Sydney’s entertainment scene and is much in demand in corporate shows and leading industry events like the Australian Dance Festival.

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