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Captain Bubbles

Bubbles will come from everywhere in this hilarious spectacle!

Captain Bubbles will be sure to amaze with a magical display of unusually shaped bubbles and even small smoked filled bubbles.

After the show its participation time where everyone will get a chance to get inside a bubble (assuming less the 30 kids) and get an opportunity to even blow their own.
“All aboard”.. The last 30 minutes of this bubble filled extravaganza will have Captain Bubbles leading his crew outside to make some of the largest bubbles ever seen.
No one will be able to stay anchored when these bubble ships take to the air.


  • Learn some of the science of the bubbles while enjoying beautiful whimsical ethereal spheres that float above your head
  • Lots of fun and laughter with a 30 min Show
  • Masterclass – Children will learn to create their own bubblesLet em’ Go Children will head outside to see who can create the biggest bubble

What’s Included?

  • 1.5hrs of bubbletastic fun
  • Full compliance verification and documentation
5.0 rating
Staff really enjoyed Captain Bubbles, all the children enjoyed him as well. The participation was fantastic.
karen vangramberg
Erskine Park

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