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Christmas with Captain Miraculous

News flash from the North Pole …

The light in Rudolf’s nose has gone missing!

If something can’t be done, Christmas will have to be cancelled. Have no fear…this is a job for Captain Miraculous! A whimsical blend of Merlin
and Mr. Maker, the Captain is a magical, madcap superhero. Add in generous helpings of music, mystery, mime and mayhem and you have the perfect recipe
for inspired lunacy.


  • A mix of magic, balloons and rapid-fire crafts
  • Lots of jokes, riddles and surprises!

What’s Included?

  • Jay Scott Berry, master magician, brings this wondrous show to you. Renowned as one of the world’s finest, he has performed in over 40 countries, wowing
    audiences from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

5.0 rating
We had our Christmas Show today and Jay was fantastic!
Cumberland Council Tracey Hopper

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