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Dr Hubble’s Bubbles Program

5-week After School Program

This 5-week program is broken up into a 1-hour lesson each week

Dr Hubble’s Bubbles after school program is entertaining, hands-on and engaging.

The program is suitable for all primary levels and jam packed with links to various curriculum areas including: Science, Sustainability, Thinking Skills, Performing Arts, Mindfulness, English and Mathematics.



Week 1: Evaporation and refraction

  • Bubbles refract light into the spectrum of the rainbow
  • We blow bubbles and observe that process happening
  • We then explore how and ask why it happens
  • Gravity pulls the water in the bubble down, the rainbow moves down the bubble
  • We observe, explore, and ask why
  • Bubble membrane contains a thin layer of water molecules which evaporates very quickly
  • We blow bubbles to explore this, we observe the rainbow as it disappears and learn it is possible to predict when a bubble is about to burst

Week 2: Gases and Air

  • Bubbles are usually filled with air, but they can be filled with different gases
  • Some gases are lighter than air and some are heavier
  • We blow bubbles and explore
  • Some gases explode- I will safely demonstrate an exploding bubble

Week 3: Sustainability

  • We look at various commercial wands and bubble mixes and explore the process of manufacturing these plastics and chemicals and work out ways to avoid them
  • We look at how to make our own bubble mix and our own bubble wands
  • We make own bubble mix and wands and test them out

Week 4: Chemistry

  • Detergents, polymers, surfactants, and soap.
  • The science of big bubbles
  • Big bubbles require stronger mixture and different wands.
  • We ask what ingredients in the mixture would make the bubbles bigger and then test the children’s hypothesis.
  • Big bubbles never last as long as small ones. We ask why – the answer? Atmospheric pressure!

Week 5: Structural integrity and surface tension- is it possible to blow a square bubble?

  • Bubbles really only want to be a sphere, it’s the most efficient shape
  • We explore the possibilities of making bubbles of other shapes
  • I demonstrate how to make a square bubble, a hexagon bubbles and an octagon bubble
  •  The student can then experiment and try to make these bubbles or discover if it’s possible to make any other shapes

Facilitator Profile

Shep Huntly Shepard aka Dr Hubble is Australia’s favourite bubble man.

Shep has over 30 years experience in front of audiences in more than 30 countries around the world, including 4 separate seasons at the Sydney Opera House, a season at The National Theatre in London and numerous TV appearances.

Shep started out as a juggler, acrobat, clown and fire eater with a 3 man show called Circus in a Suitcase.  Shep then went on to travel the world as a solo street performer performing at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival 17 years in a row.

Shep is also a founding member of the Happy Sideshow, a seminal, influential group that inspired a new generation of extreme circus performers.

Shep brings years of experience and an infectious enthusiasm to every show.

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