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Dr Hubble – Schools

Dr Hubble knows bubbles and bubbles are fun for everybody!

Dr Hubble’s bubble making workshops and shows are entertaining, hands-on and engaging!

Students will discover the science, magic and beauty of bubbles in a fun and educational manner that aligns with the curriculum.


  • Suitable for all Primary stages.
  • Bubble making workshops available.
  • Bubble shows can be tailored to your curriculum focus.
  • Sessions can be structured to align with your school timetable.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.


Dr Hubble’s shows and bubble making workshops can be tailored to suit your current curriculum focus – just let Dr Hubble know, it’s no trouble!

Bubble making workshops allow students to discover the magic and science behind making bubbles.

Dr Hubble will teach students how to make bubbles in a sustainable way without plastic and pollution!

All bubble shows commence with students observing one large bubble on its journey to create a state of mindfulness and focus.

During the performance students are encouraged to gather data using all their senses, to wonder, pose questions and make predictions.

Shows can include the following:

  • Bubbles come in and can be made into an array of different shapes and sizes.  Dr Hubble will show the students a square bubble!
  • The composition of bubbles (water, soap and air) and, as heat affects the water in the bubble it becomes thinner and thinner until it disappears.
  • The way wind, our breathe, heat and dry surfaces affect the way bubbles behave (cause and effect).
  • Students will assist Dr Hubble in keeping a bubble ‘alive’ by gently blowing underneath it.
  • Bubbles are transitory, like emotions, they are real, but then they float away and eventually disappear.
  • Speaking and listening skills through active involvement in the show.

Curriculum & Syllabuses

  • Science.
  • Sustainability.
  • Thinking Skills.
  • Performing Arts.
  • Mindfulness.
  • English.
  • Mathematics.

Facilitator Profile

Shep Huntly Shepard aka Dr Hubble is Australia’s favourite bubble man.

Shep has over 30 years experience in front of audiences in more than 30 countries around the world, including 4 separate seasons at the Sydney Opera House, a season at The National Theatre in London and numerous TV appearances.

Shep started out as a juggler, acrobat, clown and fire eater with a 3 man show called Circus in a Suitcase.  Shep then went on to travel the world as a solo street performer performing at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival 17 years in a row.

Shep is also a founding member of the Happy Sideshow, a seminal, influential group that inspired a new generation of extreme circus performers.

Shep brings years of experience and an infectious enthusiasm to every show.

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