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Food, Fibre and Fuel with Farmer Dave – Vacation Care

Understanding our aboriginal past to our sustainable farming future in the ‘living world’!

An educational and entertaining journey exploring the use of water conservation, crop and animal development to meet the needs of an ever changing global

Children will be able to think critically and creatively whilst engaged in hands on activities designed to motivate and activate higher order thinking.


  • Presented by Farmer Dave Graham
  • Damper cooking – Farmer Dave will show children how it is done
  • Physical bush games – Lots of fun and laughter
  • Plant production (wheat and chickpeas) centre will be left with an ongoing project – children will be able to watch as plants grow

What's Included?

  • 2hr program
  • Worksheets
  • Aligned with the Australian Curriculum ACSSU043 ACSSU094
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Facilitator Profile

Farmer Dave Graham is a farmer and professional animal behaviourist from Southwest Queensland.  Farmer Dave is well known as a presenter and spokesperson.

Farmer Dave is Australia’s number one live performance host bringing together his love of animals and Australian bush culture to connect audiences with positive modern training methods through entertainment, engagement and education!

Farmer Dave is well known for his amazing Muttley Crew through which he shares insights on building better bonds with our furry (and non-furry!) family through training, sports and socialisation.

5.0 rating
This is definitely an incursion that every centre should do. Farmer Dave keeps the children engaged with bush stories and plenty of humour. We absolutely LOVE Farmer Dave and can't wait to have him visit our centre again.
Busy Bee's OSHC Central Coast
5.0 rating
Absolutely fantastic engagement, time management and presentation! Kept the activities and discussion at the right pace to keep interesting. Activities were interesting and engaging. Clear and engaging presentation. His sidekick showed promise and accepted suggestions for his tasks. We would recommend Dave to other schools.
St Mark's Vacation Care
5.0 rating
Efficient - called prior to arrival to confirm numbers and location. Lots of tactile products/raw food for the children to engage with. Enthusiastic, encouraging and professional interactions with children and staff. LOVED THIS!!!!!
Mt Rogers
5.0 rating
It is a very exciting and interactive activity. All the children were invovled. Lots of language and story telling opportunites. 2 hours filled full of activities aimed at the childrens level. Looking forward to having Farmer Dave back for more experiences.
St Matthews OSHC - QLD
St Matthews OSHC
5.0 rating
Farmer Dave kept the children engaged with humour and stories from the bush. It was great to hear the story Tiddilick the frog while making damper and then a group of the children went outside to reinact the traditional story. Within the program, I felt all areas from MTOP framework was included.
Sandy Mckennan
Jubilee Primary School OSHC QLD
5.0 rating
Farmer Dave as come to COOSC several times and has delivered an informative, incursion every time. This last program being the best so far. It was engaging and fun and all the children were actively involved from start to finish. From an educators, we found it met the outcomes of the current NQF and we will definitely have him back for future programs. AWESOME.
Clovelly OOSH
5.0 rating
Children loved how interactive the show was and how funny Farm Dave is.
Hall Thorpe Sports OSHC
Hall-Thorpe Sports OSHC

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