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Gruesome Yesteryear

Grant Hyde

The Vile Victorian Era

Let Grant Hyde, a 5-time published historical fiction author transport your kids back to a time when everything was quite…..GROSS!!

In this fun hands-on learning adventure, your kids will experience day in the life of a child in 1837!

Learn how kids woke up in time for school without an alarm clock and what a typical day at school was like.

  • Taste the most popular foods of the time – Bread & Dripping and Grue
  • Kids will experience cleaning their teeth with Charcoal Powder
  • Learn what a trip to the Dentist would be like
  • And why Doctors thought thirsty leeches could cure all ailments
  • What games kids played – no iPad, Mobile Phones or VR Games here!

What's Included?

  • A fun hands-on learning adventure
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

For Schools

  • Suitable for all Primary stages.
  • Workshop can be structured to align with your school timetable.

In HSIE, students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of the features and characteristics of places and environments across a range of scales.
  • develop knowledge and understanding of interactions between people, places, and environments.
  • apply geographical tools for geographical inquiry.
  • develop skills to acquire, process and communicate geographical information.
  • develop knowledge and understanding about the nature of history and key changes and developments from the past.
  • develop knowledge and understanding about key historical concepts and develop the skills to undertake the process of historical inquiry.

Virtual Option

What is provided:

  • An interactive activity delivered via Zoom.
  • Your Zoom link and instructions on how to connect will be sent to you before your session starts.
  • Each Virtual Experience can be custom tailored for your group.

What you will need to provide:

  • Access to Zoom.
  • For large groups a big screen would be ideal, and a laptop or tablet for small groups.

Facilitator Profile

Grant Hyde, a published author of several historical fiction novels, runs “Tales Short & Tall” Incursions.

In 1989, age twenty Grant was graded with the NRL’s Eastern Suburbs Roosters (Sydney Roosters).

Being a keen student of history, especially of Australia and the Pacific, Grant moved to the Kingdom of Tonga for six months where he discovered his calling. It was his interest in human history and his love of the Polynesian people that brought him to complete his first novel, set in Tonga, “Lords of the Pacific” in 2008.

In 2009 he was awarded ‘Best New Talent’ at the annual Sassy Writers Awards for ‘Lords of the Pacific’. The stand-alone sequel, ‘Islands of Gold’ was released in January 2011 to excellent reviews, the Melbourne Age giving it ‘Pick of the Week’ in the A2 lift out.

Grant has now completed his third historical fiction, ‘Daniel’s Destiny’ . Grant has set this latest tale in early Sydney Town, in the year 1806 and throughout the extensive research for this latest effort he has developed a desire to share his knowledge with all who wish to learn.

Delivered with good humour and a story teller’s skill, Grant will bring history to life with Tales Short and Tall.

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