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Habitat Eco Warrior – Vacation Care

A fun and engaging sustainability experience!

Where do our amazing animals find shelter and how do they survive in the wild? How do we protect the habitat that our animals live in?

Did you know that 19.7% of Australia’s land is protected? Everyone has a role to play in protecting the land and our plants and animals that live there.

Eco Warrior Rachel will help kids understand the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Kids will play games and go on a hunt to see if they can find animal shelters.  They will also build their own shelters from the natural materials they find.

How good are your building skills?


  • Develop knowledge about sustainability and the environment
  • Engage and motivate kids
  • Hands on fun activities
  • Delivered by experienced sustainability educator

What's Included?

  • A 90min fun and engaging sustainability experience
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Facilitator Profile

Rachel is an environmentalist with a passion for sharing knowledge in a fun, exciting and entertaining way.

Rachel has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Environmental Science degrees, in addition to bringing years of professional experience in conservation, land management and management systems consulting to performance. Rachel is well versed in leading children and teens through school-based yoga classes.

Rachel has been making a splash as a touring performer in regional NSW for Made.In.Newcastle, Dubbo Fringe Festival and Singleton Firelight Festival.

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