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Horsing Around – Vacation Care

Specialising in education and respite for all stages of life, Wellington and Claudia bring a unique experience to all.

Kids have the chance to get up close and personal with three highly trained service horses, Wellington & Claudia, Clydesdales and new addition – Primrose a Miniature Horse standing at just 32 inches tall!

Clydesdales have the reputation of having “built Australia” making this the perfect trip into Australia’s history.

“Wow!! The Horsing Around incursion yesterday was amazing!!!!  All the children loved it and Jayden was fantastic.”
Erin, Eastwood Heights 


  • This experience offers education about safely interacting with horses and looking after their general wellbeing
  • The chance to groom, pat and snap a photo with one of these equine superstars
  • Equine interaction has been proven to increase mental wellbeing and confidence – especially in children
  • 8 seater carriage to enable the children to jump back in time and experience the transportation of the past

What's Included?

  • 2 package options for you to choose from:
    • Horse Care, Groom, Pat, Ride Horse – 1.5hrs
    • Horse Care, Groom, Pat, Carriage Ride – 2.5hrs
  • Qualified professional instructors
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Facilitator Profile

Wellington and Claudia are equine therapy Clydesdale horses specializing in visiting aged care facilities, respite for disabled individuals and visiting schools. Owned by husband and wife team Jayden and Alex.  Alex says  “The effects of animal therapy are well documented”  – Jayden says ”  There’s just something special about these giant horses coming in for a visit.  They’re so well behaved and incredibly perceptive of the mood change they bring about wherever we go.  The horses get the biggest, brightest smiles and we are so proud to have two truly special horses as part of our family.”

School visits are always a favorite of ours – a lot of kids we work with have actually never seen a horse! Let alone a 700kg Clydesdale. The kids are able to get up close and personal for brushing, pats, cuddles and kisses and are also able to enjoy a pony ride or carriage ride provided by our beautiful Clydesdales. For our younger children or those who are a little nervous of the big guys – we have our latest addition Little Miss Primrose. Standing at just 32 inches tall with a BIG personality she is always a crowd favourite for cuddles and brushing for those a little nervous of our bigger friends. She’s not just a pretty face though – she has a few tricks up her sleeve that she loves to show off!

The horses are all beautifully tempered with a love of humans great and small and are always ready to put a smile on faces. We look forward to meeting you!

5.0 rating
What a brilliant incursion! The kids had the best time and the staff an even better time! Jared, Alex and Justine were beautiful with the kids and animals and made it a very special day for everyone. All the finance staff and grounds staff came to visit and were mesmerised by the horses. We will look to book them again next December as it is a great time of year. Not too hot and lovely sunny days. Thank you so much.
Pymble LC OSHC
5.0 rating
Wow!! The Horsing Around incursion yesterday was amazing!!!! All the children loved it and Jayden was fantastic.
Eastwood Heights

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