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Jollybops Science Shows (Years 3-6) – Schools

Jollybops Science shows are full of explosive, shattering, fizzy, bright, oozy, awesome experiments – all with the most important part of any show, student interaction, humour and fun!

10 educational shows to choose from!


  • Educational science shows with the ‘wow’ factor.
  • Two performers including the Jolly Professor and Rusty the Robot.
  • Student interaction with all experiments.
  • The shows have been an inspiration to well over 700,000 students and staff throughout New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria and Queensland.
  • Outstanding reviews by both students and teachers alike with almost 100% of schools re-booking multiple times throughout the years.
  • Proven very popular at outside school events including museums, shopping centre’s, libraries and other special events.
  • Shows are approximately 60 minutes allowing for changeover of classes.
  • Sessions can be structured to align with your school timetable.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.


Science with an Aboriginal Perspective – Flight, Fire & Sound

Students will discover scientific principles of great inventions and environmental understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Students will learn:

  • the science behind the returning Boomerang and the sound and the Didgeridoo (Yidaki);
  • the inventions of one of the great Aboriginal Scientist and leaders, David Unaipon (the face of the $50 note);
  • the science of fire and how Indigenous communities manage and use fire with their caring for country fire management practices throughout Australia.

Complimentary ‘post show’ work booklets are provided for continued learning and integrating Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture into your school Science program.

The show concludes with song performed by a 10-piece student lead Aboriginal instrumental band.

Jollybops Science would like to acknowledge advice received from Indigenous educators in developing this show.

Natural Phenomena & Energy 

Visually dynamic and high energy student interactive experiments are used to highlight and create natural phenomena that surround and envelope us.

Students will:

  • learn the composition of the atmosphere, air pressure and its effects creating weather;
  • explore and explode a variety of fuels (hydrogen and methane);
  • use vacuum pumps to make big balloon heads and shaving cream soufflés;
  • learn about Boyle’s Law and watch a potato gun in action;
  • discover how air pressure can crush cans and defy gravity with magnetism; and
  • watch dry ice experiments and discover how liquid nitrogen can freeze, shatter and explode items under stress and strain.

The Big Chemistry Show

Full of loud, colourful, flashy, fizzy and smokey science experiments.  Best suited for stages 2 and 3.

Students will:

  • investigate physical and chemical properties of materials
  • create new materials;
  • change existing materials using chemical reactions and temperature changes; and
  • watch a range of dry ice and liquid nitrogen experiments.

Is It Science or Magic?

Boasting strange experiments that seem like magic but are actually science!  The intriguing experiments will bring a ‘wow’ factor to any audience.

Students will watch:

  • the Jolly Professor’s head shrink and expand all by itself;
  • special reactive paper burn then disappear with no ash;
  • steel discs as they seem to defy gravity;
  • cylinders change to a rainbow of colours all by themselves;
  • metals that burn;
  • water change to beer; and
  • a range of experiments that will explode, shrink, fall apart and change their properties.

Environmental Science

Full of experiments that highlight photosynthesis, gas exchange, transpiration, respiration, sustainable fuels, global warming, acid rain, sea water acidification, water quality and land management.

Students will discover factors that make up and effect our Environment.  The Earth, air and water which sustains the whole ‘Living World’ will be looked at in terms of composition, properties (physical and chemical) and, biological significance along with factors that can affect their balance.

Curriculum & Syllabuses

Science with an Aboriginal Perspective – Flight, Fire and Sound

  • Flight, air pressure, Bernoulli’s principle, design, fire triangle, chemical reactions, sound, musical instruments, sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

The Big Chemistry Show

  • Chemical vs physical change, properties and uses of materials, exothermic reactions, catalysts, temperature effect on materials both hot and cold, precipitation reactions, acid and base indicator reactions, states of matter and chemical formula.

Is It Science or Magic?

  • Optical illusion, chemical reactions, forces, energy, gravity, magnetism, chemical indicators, properties of materials and air pressure.

Environmental Science

  • Properties of gases, atmospheric composition and chemistry, photosynthesis and respiration, temperature, water chemistry, acids and bases, sustainable fuels and energy sources along with ecological balance and sustainability.

Facilitator Profile

Jollybops Science was established in 2002 by experienced teachers Mark Nicholl (Drama) and Trevor Atkinson (B.Ed. Science).

Trevor Atkinson aka The Jolly Professor has a wealth of scientific knowledge.  Trevor ‘s ability to impart complex scientific concepts within the many branches of Science such as Chemistry (Chemical World), Physics (Physical World), Biology (Living World) and Earth and Space, to vastly differing aged infants and Primary school students, has been applauded by countless teachers.

Mark Broughton aka Rusty the Robot is an accomplished Scientist (B.Sc. Hons) with over 15 year’s performance experience.  Mark’s humour and wit, filled with memorable comic one liners, helps engage students in every presentation.

Jollybops is a 6-time winner of the former NSW Department of Education Performing Arts Unit’s Frater Award “Best Feedback from Schools” category and a multi award winner at the NSW Education Expo.

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