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Kadoo Tours Incursion Art & Craft – Vacation Care

Let Kadoo teach your kids the oldest drawing and weaving techniques on Earth!

Kadoo Arts & Crafts incursions strive to resurrect a prehistoric art form that was all but wiped from the pages of Australian history. As Sydney was first contact/conquered land, traditional handicraft and symbol drawing was almost eradicated by the invading British Empire.

Learn drawing and traditional weaving. Kadoo and their indigenous handicraft experts will bring this skill back to life for your kids to learn, share and enjoy.

“Latoya was AMAZING!  Brilliant incursion – kids and staff loved this.  Will definitely be booking this in again!”
 Karen,  Avalon OOSH


  • Take part in a Welcome to the Country’ & ochre ceremony acknowledging ‘Mother Earth’
  • Learn about Indigenous symbols and drawing techniques to produce a piece of art that tells us about your life journey so far
  • Use the colours of Mother Earth and listen to their sacred stories
  • Be taught traditional weaving methods to produce earthly works of art made from locally sourced native plants
  • Understand sustainability by the caretakers of this land

What's Included?

What’s Included?

  • Kadoo provide an educational and authentic experience with First Australian educators
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Facilitator Profile

Kadoo was my grandmother’s name; I am part of her, just as I am part of this sacred land- Tim Ella of the Yuin people.

Kadoo Tours is owned and operated by Tim Ella and his daughter Latoya Brown, members of the Dharawal-Yuin nation operating Indigenous tours. Come walk in their footsteps and explore La Perouse & Watsons Bay as they bring to life the oldest living culture on Earth. The indigenous people of this land were the First Australians and they are believed to have existed here for up to 120,000 years.

Grant Hyde is Tim and Latoya’s business partner and a local historical fiction author (Lords of the Pacific 2009 & Islands of Gold 2011) http://granthyde.net/books/. Grant will talk about the irreversible changes that came with the arrival of Europeans, the danger and hardships they faced and the way this harsh land shaped them into the people we are today.

Once you have toured with Kadoo you will come to look upon this land, this beautiful city in a very different way. With Kadoo you will learn where their people built their camps, how they hunted and fished, created their tools and their works of art. You will get to share a ‘yarn’ with true indigenous story-tellers.

You will understand how the indigenous people were and are still simply part of this land. They were this country’s true custodians who understood the passing of seasons, the importance of conservation and the significance of fire and the role it played in keeping the land healthy.

Join Kadoo Tours for a trek back to our ancient past, to a time when man lived in harmony with the land and sea and the creatures that shared it.

5.0 rating
Latoya was AMAZING! Brilliant incursion - kids and staff loved this. Will definitely be booking this in again!
Avalon OOSH

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