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Little Growers & Party

Muffin Break Rouse Hill - Vacation Care

Here at Muffin Break we love the idea of sustainable living, so why not get the kids involved.

Our aim is to promote and emphasise the importance of sustainability and recycling and help us fight the war on waste.

This is a fun, interactive and learning workshop for the kids to get their hands dirty and take something home they made themselves!


  • The children use recyclable cups and coffee grinds for their own plantings
  • Each child will receive two plantings (1x seed and 1x seedling)
  • The children will go home with their newly planted seeds and a care sheet so their seedling can thrive at home

What's Included?

  • Approximately 90min hands-on workshop
  • All equipment required for this incursion is brought to your centre
  • Party lunch followed after the workshop*
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

*Food supplied by Muffin Break but hosted by the centre
**Please refer to the menu for food choices

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