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Medieval Show – Schools

Interactive and educational shows and workshops focusing on the Medieval times including the fall of the Roman empire, the Viking invasions, the Battle of Hastings and the crusades.


  • Suitable for Primary and Secondary.
  • A variety of engaging shows and workshops focusing on the Medieval period.
  • Shows/workshops run for approximately 60 to 90 minutes allowing for changeover of classes.
  • Sessions can be structured to align with your school timetable.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.


Medieval Show

Students will become starts as they step into history and become kings, queens, knights and squires and, discover first hand, what life was like in the middle ages.

Students will:

  • dress up and become part of a Medieval Court;
  • have a brief background to the Medieval period;
  • learn about life in Medieval times – crime and punishment, medicine and mortality, plus courtly love and marriage;
  • learn about the Viking invasions and the Crusades;
  • armour up to help demonstrate Medieval martial arts and period battlefield experiences; and
  • have a hands on experience and the opportunity to try on a shield, helm or lift a sword (props).

Jester Show

An hilarious interactive show of general mayhem with historical hilarity.

Featuring a court jester outlining the the role of the Fool in the Medieval  Court and throughout the ages.

Students will discover:

  • the social and political importance of the Fool in the Medieval Court;
  • three basic types of fool;
  • the role of women in medieval performance;
  • history and performance of juggling and magic.

Choice of a 60 or 90 minute show.

The Heraldry Workshop

Students will explore the art and basic rules of heraldry including the meaning of symbolism during this period.

Students will create their own coat of arms.

The Squires Run

Students will follow the path to become a knight and try their skill in a relay race while wearing armour.

The Renaissance Show

Students will take a closer look at the less common aspects of the renaissance.

A highly interactive show that highlights some of the lead characters and scientific breakthroughs that lead to the world we enjoy today.

Students will also explore changes that revolutionised military tactics through a re-enactment of the famous Battle of Agincourt and, the invention and development of the gun.

The show ends with a hands on experience where all students are able to experience the weapons, armour and other items close up creating an intensely vivid, personal and tactile link with the past.

Curriculum & Syllabuses

  • HSIE.
  • All non-primary school shows are aimed at Stage 4 (grade 7-8) HSIE curriculum.

Facilitator Profile

Provided by Rampant Entertainment.

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