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Our Big Kitchen – Schools

Experience the Gift of Giving

A rewarding day out where students will not only learn of and gain an understanding of cooking and healthy eating habits, but they will be able to experience the joy of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

“Ascham has had the pleasure of working with the wonderful team at Our Big Kitchen for many years.  This successful relationship is largely based on OBK’s openness, support and belief in community.  We have been fortunate enough to send hundreds of students to OBK for either regular community service afternoons, one-off events or interfaith mornings. The students gain experience in preparing and cooking food, teamwork, kitchen hygiene, safety and event building. More importantly, they learn valuable skills in giving back to the community and embracing our community partner values with OBK.”
Julie MacColl , Ascham School


  • Experience volunteer work and see how we help others in our community
  • Programs are designed to teach students how they can have fun and help the community.
  • Learn new cooking skills.
  • Tax deductible as OBK is a charity.
  • Excursion program can be tailored to your school needs.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.


Our Big Kitchen’s school (OBK) programs empower students to:

  • Connect and interact with peers in a meaningful way.
  • Make a tangible difference by giving back to the community together.
  • Engage in a wider community and connect to growing a community.
  • Learn about giving, sharing, respect, love, kindness and gratitude.
  • Understand others and grow compassion and kindness.
  • Learn new cooking skills, and have fun.
  • Demonstrates your schools commitment to social responsibility in a practical way.

All programs are tax deductible as OBK is a charity*

Sample program – Students over 10 years of age (3 hours)

  • Arrive, snack on arrival.
  • Talk about OBK, Giving, the people OBK supports and relevant stories.
  • Cooking a hot meal.
  • Making a dessert
  • Students get to sample the meals prepared.
  • Package meal with ‘school’ logo.
  • Closing talk and photo.

Sample program – Students under 10 years of age (3 hours)

  • Arrive, snack on arrival.
  • Talk about OBK, Giving, the people OBK supports and, relevant stories.
  • Making Cookies.
  • Making Bread rolls.
  • Packaging cookies.
  • Craft activity.
  • Closing talk and photo.

OBK can also design programs suit your school’s learning outcomes where students can learn about different aspects of giving charity and community.  Programs include hospital and nursing home deliveries, bake sales, counter disaster programs, cultural programs, family school days, special curriculum classes and partnerships with schools for charity outreach.

Curriculum & Syllabuses

  • Food Technology

Facilitator Profile

Our Big Kitchen (OBK) is a community run, non-denominational, industrial kitchen where meals are prepared for distribution to needy people across Sydney.  OBK is also a registered charity.

OBK offers a place for people to come together and cook for a good cause.  Their mission is to nourish, educate, empower and support people in need and always with love.  Last year OBK distributed over 80 000 meals to disadvantaged Australians, OBK does this through meaningful volunteering experiences.

OBK works closely alongside organisations such as SecondBite and Foodbank to minimise food waste and turn fresh produce into a home cooked meal.  The meals are distributed to many shelters across NSW including Salavation Army, St Vincent’s De Paul, Lou’s Place, Mary’s House, Rough Edges, The clown Doctor, Oasis Youth Support, Youth off the streets, Wayside Chapel, Jewish House, Caretakers Cottage, Several women’s refuges, several childrens refuges, Domestic Violence shelters, The Greek orthodox Church, Redfern Community Centre, Asylum Seekers.

OBK is Kosher and Halal certified, and HACCP approved.

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