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Farmers Challenge with The RuffTRACK Crew – Vacation Care

We take the kids on an awesome learning adventure which stimulates the mind and body, learning about Australian Culture through Games and Fun.

Taking in our Tribal Past the kids learn to interact, make friends and work together in the spirit of mateship and inclusion.

After going on a Fun learning journey with our Mates from the Outback, the kids then take each other on in high energy Team Games to show how much they
learnt about inclusion, mateship, teamwork and bush skills to end the incursion totally Bushed!


  • Presented by the RuffTRACK crew
  • Learn about Australian Culture through Games and Fun
  • Kids learn to interact, make friends and work together

What's Included?

  • 2hr workshop
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Facilitator Profile

A fully registered charity, we take on young people (13-17 years old) who have disengaged with school and the community to give them skills, education, a sense of self worth and reconnecting them with their community. We work closely with Hawkesbury police and the incredible BackTrack Youthworks to make a real change in young people’s lives.

Each young person bonds with a dog in their first days. That partnership takes them on a journey of learning responsibility, caring for others and communicating without violence. The team then travels the country demonstrating their skills and giving them purpose and a reason to give life a serious go.

Skills attained in the program include dog training, dog sports, horticulture, landscaping, welding, aluminium fabrication, animal husbandry, leather work, wood work, driving and licence attainment, carpentry, mechanics, bushcraft, domestic skills, nutrition and physical education, effective communication, conflict resolution, building healthy relationships….. and a whole lot more!

5.0 rating
Today we had Farmer Mandy and Farmer Jon and they were fantastic! They engaged our children and educators in farming life and the importance of team work. Children and staff all LOVED this incursion :)
St Mary's

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