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Planetarium Aboriginal Astronomy – Schools

Explore Indigenous Aboriginal astronomy and the wonders of the sky.

Students will be taken on an Aboriginal astronomy adventure as they travel through the universe in an inflatable mobile planetarium.

Students will discover how the daily lives, ceremonies, spirituality, and history of Indigenous culture are described through the constellations of the sky.

“LOVED it.  Gary was excellent and catered for our needs.  It engaged students who do not normally participate.  Thank you.”
Tracey Richards, Halinda School


  • Inflatable mobile planetarium.
  • Students will be amazed by the visually stunning 360° immersive 4K movies.
  • Students will learn the Star Stories of the Dreaming.
  • Students will be taken on an earth and space adventure through our Solar System, to the edge of the galaxy and discover what is in the night sky.
  • A presenter-led Solar System and Galaxy fly-through that links directly to the current NSW Science K – 12 syllabus.
  • A presenter-led ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation covering relevant aspects of the NSW K-12 syllabus.
  • Presentations run for approximately 40 – 60 minutes allowing for changeover of classes.
  • Sessions can be structured to align with your school timetable.
  • All domes have wheelchair access.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.


The mobile inflatable planetarium dome provides an interactive theatre experience with surround sound.  Students and teachers will be amazed by the visually stunning projection movies in both standard and 360° immersive 4K 3D digital images.

All programs provide presenter-led content with the most advanced software and technology and, are aligned with the NSW Science Syllabus.

European night sky stories are known to many unlike the Indigenous stories of the Australia southern skies.  Although many Australian Aboriginal groups have different astronomical traditions, they also have many similarities.

Aboriginal Astronomy also includes an interactive presenter led ‘What’s In the Sky’ presentation.

‘What’s In The Sky’

Students will participate in a stunning and interactive 360° immersive 4K movie and look at what is in the sky.

Students will discover:

  • Day and night;
  • The motion and patterns of the Sun, Moon and Planets through the sky;
  • Changes in the seasons;
  • The stars at night;
  • Planets;
  • Constellations & their mythology;
  • Aboriginal Astronomy and stories;
  • The birth and death of stars;
  • Southern Cross and Star navigation;
  • The Milky Way; and
  • Questions and answers.

The presentations are suitable for all stages of Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as Special Schools.  The programs map to the current NSW Science K – 12 Syllabus with the option of adding additional content.

Curriculum & Syllabuses

Stage 1 – What’s in the Sky

  • Daily and seasonal changes.
  • How can we investigate the observable changes that occur in the sky and on the land?
  • What are Earth’s resources and how do we use and care for them?

Stage 2 – Our Planet, Solar System and Galaxy

  • What occurs as a result of the interactions between the Earth and the Sun?
  • Identify the Sun as a major source of energy.
  • The Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes including night and day.
  • The relative sizes and movement of the Earth and the Sun.
  • Compare times for the Earth to orbit the Sun.

Stage 3 – Our Planet, Solar System and Galaxy.

  • Earth’s place in the solar system.
  • How does the Earth compare to other planets in the solar system?
  • Regular events in the Solar System.

Stage 4 – Our Planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe

  • Day and night, seasons and eclipses are caused by the relative positions of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.
  • Ideas by people from different cultures have contributed to the current understanding of the Solar System.
  • Compare historical and current models of the Solar System to show how models are modified or rejected as a result of new scientific evidence.
  • Examples of how technological advances have led to discoveries and increased scientific understanding of the Solar System.

Stage 5 – Our Planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe

  • Major features contained in the universe, including Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems and Nebulae.
  • Technological developments have advanced scientific understanding about the Universe.
  • Scales to describe differences in sizes of and distances between structures making up the Universe.
  • Objects exert a force of gravity on all other objects in the Universe.
  • How the Big Bang theory can be used to explain the origin of the Universe and its age.
  • Scientific thinking about the origin of the Universe is refined over time through a process of review by the scientific community.

Facilitator Profile

Starr’s Planetarium has been operating since 2005, during which time thousands of students have experienced this amazing earth and science astronomy incursion.

Starr’s Planetarium is the most experienced and longest running stargazing incursion provider travelling across NSW and the ACT.  The Planetarium provides the largest range of digital full dome shows with the most advanced 360° immersive 4K projection movie system in Australia.

Gary Starr, presenter and owner has a passion for astrophysics.  Gary continues to strengthen his knowledge from reputable sources such as NASA, as well as other world leading astronomy sources.

The cosmodome mobile Planetarium system was developed at Swinburne University Astrophysics Department in Australia and has now been enhanced with 4K projection technology. communicator


  • Members of NASA Museum Alliance.
  • Presentation content is sourced from NASA and other world leading astronomy content sources.


  • Experienced science communicator.
  • Extensive stargazing and presenting experience.
  • Current working with children check.
  • Current certificate of currency.
  • Risk assessment available.

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