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Entermission Sydney – Vacation Care

The fate of our galaxy is in your hands

If you love escape games or ever wanted to immerse yourself in amazing virtual worlds, get ready for super teamwork, quick thinking.

Virtual Reality is the latest worldwide phenomenon that uses cutting edge technology to make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely.

Nothing that has come before – TV, 3D movies or video games can compare to the experience of stepping fully inside a virtual reality world.


  • See, hear and interact with each other in a thrilling virtual reality team adventure
  • As a Super Team, be teleported onto Eden Space Station to save Earth in 60 mins.
  • Fly through outer space, master telekinesis and other special abilities
  • Work together to find clues and solve puzzles

What’s Included?

  • Virtual reality experience
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

*Please note this excursion is only suitable for children 8 years old and over



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Fantastic! Kids loved it and staff there were so accommodating - we will be back!
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