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Book Week

Every year around this time, parents across Australia put their thinking caps on to come up with ideas as to how to transform their child into their favourite character, from their favourite book.

Yes, the occasion I’m am referring to is Book Week!

While Disney Princesses and Marvel Super Heroes are frowned upon, Book Week encourages children to use their imagination to pull together a costume related to the current year’s theme, as decided upon by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA). In 2018, the theme is ‘Find your Treasure’.

Book parades aren’t the only way to celebrate Book Week, and you may find your primary school, early learning centre or OOSH provider choose to hold other celebrations throughout the week including author or illustrator visits, library displays or book fairs to name just a few different events synonymous with this annual celebration.

First celebrated in 1946 as a way of bringing words, images and stories to Australian children, it aims to inspire and nurture a literate, educated and creative society. To this day Book Week continues to celebrate the wonderful quality of books written and published by Australian authors and illustrators.

However, in addition to celebrating books and authors, Book Week aims to highlight the importance of literacy skills for the health and wellbeing of Australian children. The CBCA wants to encourage and help children and families foster a love of books, stories and reading, whilst identifying that sharing stories is arguably the most important activity families can undertake to enhance their child’s future literacy skills.

So, although as a parent, many of us may groan at the thought of another Book Week costume or event, just remember that for our children, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr Seuss.

To assist you with planning your next Book Week programme, the team at Fun Day Out has a range of suitable incursions. None more so than their resident author Andy Jones, who brings his best-selling books to life in his hilarious show ‘What’s the Joke’.

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