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Kids and Dogs

Let me tell you some interesting facts about dogs, there is an estimated 20 dogs for every 100 people in Australia, with 38% of households owning a dog. Even our very own Fun Day Out boss Kerrie has a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback called Neo.

Which means every time you leave the house you are likely to cross paths with an adorable pooch.

Who doesn’t love their adorable furry faces, those ears, oh puppy dog eyes. Okay, yes, they are the cutest thing ever and most kids love them but unfortunately, they are not always friendly and let’s be honest you probably wouldn’t run up to a stranger and give them a cuddle, and it is the same for dogs.

Unlike when I was growing up where people predominantly lived in houses, and majority had a pet dog that would run around the backyard with you. Now days with more and more dense unit dwelling there are a lot of kids that don’t get the opportunity to interact with dogs and may be quite anxious around them.

So, how do kids get to really appreciate how awesome man’s best friend is and feel confident to walk past them in the street.

It is all in the education. At Fun Day Out we have a range of pooch loving Providers including our very popular Farmer Dave with Muttley Crew; the extraordinary stunt show that is Flipping Disc Dogs and the famous dog trainer with K9 Tracks, they offer incursions to educate kids in a fun way about all things doggy. Such as how to safely approach dogs, how to communicate effectively through the body language of dogs & understand the value of dogs in our society.

If you are not convinced, let Fun Day Out tell you about the benefits of children having dogs in their lives. Children develop nurturing skills, responsibility & empathy. There are also many reasons why dogs are used as companion animals. Such as the relaxation and relief from stress, but my favourite, dogs get kids outdoors and running around. So, if you are a pooch loving person and want to pat some cute dogs, I mean educate kids, contact us for more info on what’s available near you.