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Making A Team Work Through Dance

Making A Team Work Through Dance

There’s not a more enjoyable and embarrassing thing to see than making a team work through dance. True, professional dancing is not for everyone but the love and freedom of dance is. Have you ever tried to just sway to music? Nobody who is dancing stays feeling bad. The movement to music to express an idea or one’s emotion and release energy is the primary purpose of dance. 

Team building events usually have trust building exercises so individuals are motivated to work together. Workshops involving teams force them to communicate and learn of their strengths and areas to work on. It encourages collaboration and cooperation among members. Team building is pivotal in employees accomplishing tasks and learning from each other. This enables them to fulfill their jobs faster. Goal setting, planning and realisation is quicker when all members are in agreement. This usually happens once team members see eye to eye.

Making A Team Work Through Dance1

Using dance in your team building exercises may force some of the participants out of their comfort zone. And, that’s okay. This gives a chance for other colleagues to step in and be of help. Fun and sometimes, physically challenging activities open people up which usually is good for team morale. Adding music to movement softens the mood and can invite a certain gaiety. 

From simple steps to performing elaborate routines, dancing is a way to release energy whether it be from nervousness or stress. Focus is needed for the body to do as it is required. Additional concentration is necessary to recall the steps in the correct order. Making a team work through dance will not be an easy task but everybody’s support will be needed for the goal to be realised, that is to perform the routine that is required for their team building. 

A clear perception of who has leadership abilities might be an additional result of this exercise. Aside from better communication, deeper trust and an even warmer relationship.