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EcoWalks Tours

Kids will go wild while they learn about the life cycle of the Bush Tick and what to do if they spot one.

Kadoo Tours Incursion

Let Kadoo come have a yarn with your kids and tell the real history behind the oldest culture on the planet!


FREAK is an immersive virtual reality gaming venue, that combines cutting edge multiplayer games, incredible 4D effects and curated physical spaces to help you venture beyond reality.

Retro Arcade Games

Test your reaction speed with some of the best classic arcade games

Maximum Skating

The largest and only state of the art international sized roller-skating rink in NSW

Tales Short and Tall

with Grant Hyde

This incursions will give kids an insight into the incredible evolution of the written word
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Wearable Art Caps (10 pack)

Featuring five amazing designs, these caps will be a huge hit with kids and provide excellent in-house creative time. Made with high quality fabric and featuring a range of funky designs, these caps will survive the test of childhood (mis)adventures and the German inked, waterproof markers ensure their works of art won’t bleed or fade.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Caps (2 of each design)
  • 12 Waterproof Fabric Markers


$15.00 flat rate*
*Large orders will incur additional postage charges. A member of our team will contact you to discuss before your order is dispatched


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