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Sing along to every song

As we sit around working/counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas Day, singing Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas we realise music can change one’s mood instantly.

Music is for everyone no matter what their age, but kids seem to love music the most and it is very important to their development. Probably why music is a subject within the school curriculum hey.

So, what does music do for us. As I mentioned, music can improve your mood. Have you ever sat in the car listened to a sad song singing away like you are killing it in some music video clip, because you know every word, you relate to it and suddenly you are balling your eyes out like your world is ending? Well, the flip side of that is, you can also be listening to Mariah, feeling amazing, motivated and wanting to do great things – it is the same for kids.

Music improves social skills in kids, with some feel good music and your peers around you are sharing in a common interest, you will notice that kids start to build confidence and have a sense of achievement as they learn something new.

Singing and dancing whilst listening to music can also build on a child’s creativity and self-expression. As the children carefully listen to the beats of the music and match their dance moves, there is also an element of discipline being used.

Fun Day Out have has a range of music-based activities for kids. Everything and anything from LED Hula Hoop Raves with Spin Joy, culturally diverse music with Bollywood Dancing by Nupur Dance Group, Middle Eastern or African Percussion by Ian Watson, you can hire a Jukebox for Karaoke and belt out a tune or even have a disco in an inflatable. This and much much more!

Contact Team Fun for more information, and we promise not to sing Mariah.