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Corporate Team Building – Onsite Incursions

For corporate team building activities Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane companies will find scores of incursions and excursions to facilitate team bonding …

CirqueUmNavigate Circus Workshops

Learn how to learn, how to fail, work as a team and how to present!
The team building program is structured so you and your team have the opportunity to experience lots of different activities. You will learn the basics of juggling, spinning plates, devil sticks, hula hoops and much more…
– Can be as short as you need or up to 2 hours
– Trainers bring all the equipment and a lifetime of skills
– Workshops can be woven around a theme and tailored to meet your needs
– Program can be completed by people of any age and physical ability
– Great way to energise people during a conference or during a meeting
Learning something new can build relationships and solidify connections. It’s fun. It’s wild. Everyone loves it!

Future Film Stars Film Making

Storytelling represents 30% of the United States GDP. Sales people, lawyers, marketers, filmmakers, are all telling their stories.
Get your team telling stories visually with this workshop from twice Cannes selected filmmaker Adrian Tyson.
We will cover the specifics of storytelling for the screen, how to use green screen, to direct, to work as a professional crew, acting and editing of the scenes we shoot into coherent visual narratives.
A fantastic corporate team building exercise as working a disciplined crew is critical for success, yet also requires getting out of everyone’s comfort zones with acting and directing.

Bollywood Dancing

Nupur Dance Group specialise in fusion classical Indian and Bollywood dance styles, established in 1992 in Sydney to promote new and artistic forms of classical Indian fused with contemporary styles of dancing. With its ever growing popularity Nupur has had the opportunity to perform all over Australian cities such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin and due to public demand Nupur has also had the opportunity to perform abroad in cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf and Shanghai.
For your corporate team building classes, there’s no previous dance experience required. Whether your team is coming along for recreational purposes or looking to work towards improved team dynamics, Nupur classes cater to everyone at all levels.
All their instructors have 12+ years formal dance training and experience.

Mark Mac

Absolute Tom Foolery, delights any crowd with a special blend of magic and circus in this laugh-a-minute show.
Hilarious entertainment and team bonding experience!
Mark McDermott aka Absolute Tom Foolery delivers fast-paced action-a-plenty with loads of audience participation.
– Magic
– Illusions
– Juggling
– Unicycling
– Balloon Sculpting
What’s Included?
Accomplished performer Mark McDermott brings his lively program to your workplace.
Full compliance verification and documentation.
Trash Percussion – Ian Watson
Based in Sydney, Ian Watson aka Coomba has played Drums and Percussion for almost thirty years. Travelling to twenty-nine different countries, he has studied and performed, drums/percussion in twelve of those countries and has played in countless bands and percussion troupes touring around Australia including ‘Extended Family’, ‘Lahara’ and ‘Anything But Roy’.
Teaching Available for Corporate Groups:
– World Percussion (African, Middle Eastern, Korean and Indonesian)
– Trash Percussion Workshops
– Percussion Workshops with The Arts Unit, Pan Events, Drumbeats, Tari Gamelan, Sehsekhoi and Hyde ‘n’ Clay Percussion.

Jay Scott Berry – Magician

Jay Scott Berry is a multi-talented creator, performer and producer.
Renowned as The Virtuoso of Magic, his elegant artistry and sleight-of-hand mastery are unparalleled. Performing at theatres, parties and corporate events the world over, Berry amazes and inspires audiences of all ages. From close-up to stage, he is simply, “The closet thing to real magic you will ever see!”.
Renowned as a Magician, Musician, Producer, Composer, Singer and Showman, Berry has headlined Premiere Venues & Festivals in over 40 countries. He has starred in Showrooms & Ballrooms from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo; Theatres & Performing Arts Centres from New York to Paris; Private Clubs from Hollywood’s Magic Castle to London’s Magic Circle; Exclusive Parties in Beverly Hills’ Mansions, Scottish Castles & French Chateaux.
“The most elegant show I’ve ever seen! The magic was absolutely spellbinding, his music fit perfectly with the magic, and the script was insightful, intelligent and meaningful. A truly memorable evening!” – Tim Pendergast, Producer.
“An extraordinary magician, showman and singer, Berry lit up the stage, holding a record crowd of 3500 completely spellbound!” – Derek Lever, Producer, Winter Gardens Opera House.
“In my entire career, I have never seen anything as convincing. It was real magic, delivered with precision timing and consummate skill.” – Mark Wilson, Grand Master Magician.

Artificial Intelligence with Future Film Stars

Get your team up to speed with the latest in the most critical technology of a generation, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).
Learn about the technology underpinning A.I. and computer vision with interactive team building activities where participants create their own data and apply A.I. to that data.
Discuss and brainstorm the implications and applications of this world changing technology and how it may be applied to your business.
Deploy and train Autonomous Self Driving Vehicles and test yourself against A.I. generated visual data. Your team will leave the session fully equipped to engage with the technology of A.I. Taught by Neuranext co-founder Adrian Tyson and developed by Dr. Andrew Kyngdon, PhD in Psychometric Statistics.
Learning Goals
– to understand what Artificial Intelligence is and also what it is not
– to learn about the technology and how it works
– to learn about how it can be applied and the changes that it may make to our lives in the near future
– to implement A.I. for classifying our writing, to classify objects we photograph and to identify objects in photos we take today
– to brainstorm future applications for the technology and discuss everyone’s thoughts on the technology.

Buster the Balloonatic

You too could become a master in the art of Airagamie!
Lots of fun and laughs, your staff will receive a delightful insight to the wonderful world of balloons.
– Creative hands on fun
– Short Balloon Show
What’s Included?
– All material brought to your location for this interactive 90 min team building incursion.
– Full compliance verification and documentation.

Heidi Hoops

Heidi is the perfect host or act for any cabaret, variety and burlesque show. She can easily work to a theme, her styling always fits the bill, she loves audience interaction, her comedy is cheeky and her skills provide the variety every late night event needs! Heidi’s hoop and rope acts have featured on the Sydney burlesque circuit (34B, Ruby Revue, Velvet affair, Burlesque Ball, Gangstas Ball).
Sugarcandy – Sideshow Hula Hoop: Cabaret Act 6 mins.
Sugar Candy will light up your night with plenty of delicious glitter and glamour as she pops her balloon suit and spins all her shiny silver hula hoops around both of her heads. She spins, wraps, twists, and splits up to 5 hoops at once before a dazzling gold slinky or LED hoop finale. Like all good candy, she’ll leave you on a high!
Cowgirl rope/whip Acts: 5 – 10 min.
All good cowgirls know how to keep their calves together and Heidi Hodeo Rodeo does this by swinging a lasso with her cute and sexy 50’s pin up girl style. This comic act has knot tricks and lasso, followed by an hilarious costume change from cowgirl to real live dairy cow complete with udder and tail.
Comedy Whip Cabaret acts: 5 – 10 min.
Set to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” this whip act is wild and loud and requires a very brave volunteer to hold the balloon for the PVC Clad Whip Mistress who loves to crack whips, bust balloons and send the audience into hysterics.

Crazy Canvas Painting

Your staff can be corporate Caravaggios in this fun class! Under the guidance of experienced art teacher Donna, your team explore their inner creativity in this fantastic workshop. Book a new theme every time.
Choose one of these creative themes for your team building workshop:
– In Your Face: Self portraits with an adventure into crazy cubism
– Seascape Holiday: Explore realism and learn a few techniques such as blending and mixing
– Landscape Fantasy: Create an impressionistic landscape using lots of paint and plenty of colour
– Donna can easily adapt this workshop to a Naidoc experience by incorporating Aboriginal designs
What’s Included?
– All materials provided
– All classes use 30.5 X 40.5 cm (12 x 16″) stretched canvas, Matisse Acrylic Paints, quality brushes and step-by-step instructions
– Full compliance verification and documentation

Handbuilding with Clay

Humans love handling clay, whether they are rolling it out, poking it, squeezing it, hitting it, pressing in a stamp, or creating a sculpture.
The possibilities for creating with clay are almost endless and limited only by the imagination.
– Attendees get to choose a design they wish to create
– Air Drying clay is used to create objects or characters
– Your team will explore clay handling and then paint and decorate their creation.
What’s Included?
– All materials provided
– Full compliance verification and documentation

Balancing Man

Entertaining, Interactive and Educational!
The highly talented Balancing Man will wow your team with this interactive show.
Your team will be screaming with laughter when toilet seats and brooms wobble unsteadily on Balancing Man’s hands and face.
After the show your team building incursion attendees will learn balancing in a hands-on workshop which will conclude with them performing their best balancing moves.
– Rarely seen circus skills will expand children’s imagination
– Hands-on Balancing Workshop
– Develop concentration and hand and eye coordination
– Positive reinforcement strengthens children mentally
What’s Included?
– 30 minute Balancing Show followed by a hands on workshop
– Full compliance verification and documentation.

Farmer Dave

Having hosted hundreds of events since 2006, from charity functions to huge Arena Spectaculars, Dave crafts his performance by responding to audiences and connecting emotionally. From tears of joy hearing about his ‘never give up’ approach to life or to tears of joy in his high-octane animal performances.
There are few announcers that have Dave’s breadth, diversity and unique life experiences. Having been a shy outback kid, to a farmer, to an international male model to an open book TV personality, he brings a grounded larrikin streak which captures audiences. He has a simple and poetic style, a love for story telling and an amazing ability to relate to audiences, engaging, entertaining and educating them… not just going from A to B!
He is a regular participant in product launches and other corporate events, speaking and conducting media interviews, often in the role of Brand Promoter. He knows how to bring a team together as one, building rapport among the group with his amiable laid-back nature.

LED Dancers

With every new show, comes lots of work in the background, design, creation, choreography, programming etc, as the LED Dancers mostly create shows to suit your corporate event, whether team-building or to showcase product launches or other important presentations where you want to wow and audience.
For example the LED Dancers helped Legrand launch their new product at Sydney Maritime Museum, where they created a 2.5 minutes show specifically for this event.
“Thank you LED Dancers Australia, you were fantastic, a great way to open The Million Dollar Lunch.” – Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Game Show Time with Benny O

Race between your teams against the clock!
Trivia with physical activities
Magnificent way to bring a workplace together
Suitable for corporate team building events at the pub or in your board rooms.

Corporate Team Building – Offsite Excursions

Want to boost engagement in the workplace, so that work is a win-win, there is improved productivity for the business, and improved satisfaction for employees? Engage your staff with corporate team building exercises whether incursions of excursions, so that your combination of people, work and place – and we’re looking at the actual ‘place’ far more closely than we ever have, to activate it, as well as people – have more life in them, more smarts, more empathy for each other and more group confidence …

Our Big Kitchen

At Our Big Kitchen, they believe in the power of the kitchen to bring people together and create lasting positive change in our world.
Many organisations are increasing their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), this is an approach to sustainable development and delivers economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.
Our Big Kitchen offers organisations a very practical and tangible way for your organisation to be involved in giving back to those in need. They create a spirit of giving and selflessness that empowers change in a powerful and positive way. Through cooking and packaging meals your staff will take part in a meaningful team building experience. Hear inspiring stories from those benefiting from the meals you have made, and bring your team together.
Our Big Kitchen’s Corporate Programs Empower Individuals & Teams To:
– Connect and interact with team members in a meaningful way
– Make a tangible difference by giving back to the community together
– Engage in a wider community and connect to people from all different backgrounds
– Spend quality time with colleagues by being kind to other people.
– Understand others and grow compassion
– Learn new skills, and have fun.
– Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to social responsibility in a practical way.
How Corporate Programs Support Our Big Kitchen:
​By cooking with large numbers of volunteers, or even smaller groups they are able to make more meals and support people in need. Last year OBK made over 80 000 meals which got distributed to disadvantaged Australians. Without organisations coming in and volunteering their time this amount of meals would not have been achieved.
Their belief is through giving they empower and connect people. They hope to build a larger community of givers and by more organisations participating they hope to spread this giving belief.
Running a large commercial kitchen and a charity does have costs. By having these corporate programs it contributes to OBK’s running costs. These programs are how they hope to stay sustainable as a charity and continue to grow.

Thread Together

Designed to help grow the next generation of empathetic leaders, Thread Together invites corporations to bring their staff and to the Thread Together warehouse and community centre for a leadership and team-building workshop and clothes sorting activity.
The program focuses on fostering kindness through leadership and delivers an understanding of how a charity operates. Being involved in charitable work helps gainfully-employed corporate staff to understand their own privilege, and the responsibility it brings. It demonstrates that showing compassion for others makes them better and stronger team members and leaders. It fosters an attitude that one’s personal success can be that much sweeter by taking a small part of time out of your life to consider and ACT to help others.
Understanding Privilege
Being involved in charitable work helps adults to understand their own privilege, and the responsibility it brings. It demonstrates that showing compassion for others can make them better and stronger leaders. It fosters an attitude that one’s personal success can be that much sweeter by taking a small part of time out of your life to consider and ACT to help others.

James Craig

Barque James Craig is rightly famous around the world. She is Sydney’s only 19th Century square rigger (or Tall Ship) and her incredible restoration to full sailing condition was recognised in 2003 by the World Ship Trust’s award of their prestigious Maritime Medal. Her restoration cost almost $A30 million and took nearly 40 years to complete after she was rescued from Recherche Bay in far southern Tasmania.
This beautiful ship regularly goes to sea with up to 80 passengers and is open for public inspection at her berth at Wharf 7, 58 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont.
But most significantly for this page, she is also available for charter, for functions, and for corporate team building activities.
She is a true restoration, not a replica. Other Australian tall ships are either replicas such as Bark Endeavour, ships built in the 20th century such as Southern Swan (previously Our Svanen), Soren Larsen and One and All, static museum exhibits such as Polly Woodside in Melbourne, or abandoned unsalvageable wrecks, such as Santiago in Adelaide.
James Craig is a representative of the great sailing vessels from a bygone age, the ships which moved produce from the emerging colonies and brought manufactured goods to our shores. She is a tangible link between modern Australia and the days of sail during which this country developed into nationhood.
Australia is one of the very few nations to have the good fortune to have a vessel from a bygone age sailing in our waters, and for this we are the envy of maritime nations around the globe. James Craig is hailed as a model of all that is expected of a sensitive, authentic conservation, a symbol of what can be done to preserve our heritage.
In 2003 she was awarded the World Ships Trust’s International Maritime Heritage Medal for authentic restoration. She joins a select band of restored ships throughout the world, including the Mary Rose (UK 1510), Vasa (Sweden 1627), USS Constitution (USA 1797), Great Britain (UK 1843) and Cutty Sark (UK 1869), which have received this honour.
James Craig is owned by the Sydney Heritage Fleet, a community based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of Australia’s maritime heritage. The Fleet  operates what is thought to be the largest fleet of operational heritage ships and boats anywhere in the world.

The Charter

Take your team out to the sea! Celebrate your business’ wins and enjoy memorable corporate team building out on Sydney harbour! Simply hire one of their luxury catamarans and they’ll  do the rest.
For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, look no further than their high-end vessel, The Entourage. A former VIP boat for the America’s Cup in San Francisco, this five star, modern superyacht redefines ocean travel for its guests with its sleek, masterful design and extensive features.
The Entourage day cruiser is their prized flagship when it comes to corporate entertaining. The comfortable, spacious air-conditioned interior cabin offers 360-degree panoramic views of the ocean, with large sliding doors flowing onto the ample-sized aft deck with cushioned seating, a wet bar, swim decks and two front nets for lounging.
The Entourage comes complete with a multi-zone sound system and TV in the main saloon as well as multiple state-of-the-art electronic controls to perfectly set the mood for your memorable voyage.
Host an unforgettable team building event on their elegant and comfortable catamaran, The Entourage. New and modern, this boat features luxury amenities and a large deck for sunbathing and sipping Champagne.

Archie Brothers

Looking for a work function with a little difference?
With the greatest games, spectacular spoils and a bountiful bar, Archie Brothers has a night out for everyone!
Clown around a little more at your next corporate function with Archie Brothers! Between their awesome arcade and activity offerings, bar, kitchen and venue hire, they’ve got everything you need to take the tediousness out of team building.
From corporate functions to team bonding activities in Sydney or Melbourne, the Archie Brothers sure to dazzle and delight!

Strike Laser, Bowling Escape Rooms

Strike Laser are not your average tenpin bowling alley. From bowling to laser tag and karaoke to escape rooms, they’ve got the fun covered for everyone.
Throw in their fully-equipped cocktail bar, gourmet kitchen offerings and parade of party packages into the equation and they’re your one-stop shop for the ultimate corporate entertainment experience.
They’re fun. With the works.
Whether in King St Wharf on Sydney Harbour, the Entertainment Quarter or in Chatswood, Strike Laser, Bowling and Escape Rooms has evolved a fantastic formula for genuine team building through fun, not pain.

Escape Rooms George Street Sydney

Escape Hunt is brilliant for businesses. Our amazing adventures are the perfect way to build team spirit, inspire creative problem solving, round off a day of meetings and presentations, or reward your people for a job well done.
Escape Hunt Sydney is a licensed venue so you can enjoy a few drinks to celebrate your escape. Full catering also available.
Want to compete against your colleagues or show up your bosses? Book two of the same game at the same time and play head to head!
If you find it hard to think of an exciting activity for your work function then they have something for you! Your team will have an exhilarating experience racing each other head-to-head to escape their themed rooms.
Escape rooms are an effective team building activity. In addition to having fun, the benefits of working together as a team under pressure can have a positive flow-on effect back in the office.
All you need is a minimum of 1.5 hours and a team and Escape Rooms can look after the rest!
They have flexible packages depending on how much time you have, how many people and whether you are also looking for onsite catering, a restaurant meal, or venue hire.
And they can accommodate up to 60 players at once and larger groups are also possible.

Virtual Reality Rooms Sydney

If you’re looking for a unique, fun and fully immersive team building experience, then look no further than Virtual Reality Rooms!
Teams must use communication, logic, problem solving skills and good teamwork to complete their mission within the one-hour time limit! Everyone finds a contributing role in this unique virtual reality experience.
Virtual Reality Rooms Sydney are able to organise large scale corporate team building events. With 6 rooms each holding up to 6 people per room, they can accommodate up to 36 team members experiencing virtual reality adventures at the same time.
Each adventure lasts up to an hour, after which participants can take interactive photos with their 3D photo walls and enjoy complimentary refreshments.
For larger groups of up to 72 participants, they offer a 2.5 hour experience where half the group undertakes the virtual reality adventures first while the other half enjoys short virtual reality experiences in their reception area. The groups then swap around so everyone enjoys all the activities.
All Packages Include:
– Pre-adventure briefing
– Tracking of adventure times to determine overall winning team
– Interactive 3D photo wall team pictures as a momento of the event
– Relax and debrief over complimentary refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits)
– Flexibility to obtain a refund for up to 20% of participants who aren’t able to attend on the day

Corporate Event Fireworks in Sydney

Give your corporate team an explosive night out by the best Sydney fireworks company. An experienced staff and dedicated crew, their passion and commitment elevate their service to a loud and colourful new level. With state-of-the-art fireworks, advanced firework concepts in narrative, visuals and accompanying sound, and the safest operators in the fireworks business, when it comes to fireworks & pyrotechnics in Sydney, your team will feel very special. The grandest pyrotechnic and special effect displays in Australia can elevate the entertainment at awards, corporate launches, private functions, team building evenings and more. These events pyrotechnics professionals take care of every aspect of your indoor or outdoor event. However small or large, from a one-night special celebration there is no doubt that when it comes to creating the boom factor in pyrotechnics, your corporate team will enjoy itself and be talking about a night to remember for a very long time.