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The Benefits of Colouring In

Have you ever had ‘one of those days’ silly question right… we have all had ‘one of those days’ where whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Cheers for that Murphy’s Law. Well this happens for everyone, from the kiddies to the adults to the oldies. How do we unwind from the day, clear our mind, forget our stresses for a moment in time and just breath? Glad you asked. Let’s have a look at colouring in.

Colouring in pictures has always been a favourite past time of kids. Bonus points, because it’s a great way to get them to stay still but it also releases their creativity, is awesome for hand, eye coordination and helps them establish and improve their correct grip technique. There are endless possibilities with the benefits of colouring in for kids but what is fantastic about colouring in is its benefits on mental health for all ages. Possibly the reason that colouring in for adults boomed a few years ago.

Mental health is so prevalent these days and it does not discriminate against age, hitting even preschool kids. So why colouring in?

When you have had one of those days and your mind is racing with a thousand thoughts of everything from bills, kids, dinner, work and washing, oh the piles of washing! Don’t forget this goes for the kids too, they have their own set of stresses, making, new friends, trying to learn new things, wanting to feel grown up. Everyone of any age has stresses in their lives. When we have an overload of thoughts and stresses, we need to slow down and trick our mind into focusing on something else.

When you are colouring in, suddenly, your breathing regulates itself as you start focusing on the picture, you loose yourself in the moment, thinking what colour should I put where. When you are distracted from negative thoughts, and your breathing is regulated you then become more relaxed and when you are relaxed your positive mindset kicks in and without even realising you are meditating.

Colouring in has many benefits and is great for kids, adults and what about the oldies. We had an interesting enquiry from a nursing home wanting to purchase the Fun Day Out colouring in bags and markers. Not the standard Vacation Care centre purchase you would expect at Fun Day Out. So off the bags went and what a heart-warming reply we had with pictures of the residents thoroughly enjoying their time colouring in, again it comes back to the stress relief but also the concertation required, exercise for the brain!

Whether it is for the kids in your centre, the kids in your home, yourself or your parents Fun Day Out Colouring In bags with markers are a great addition to any tough day.

Creativity – Self Expression – Hand/Eye Coordination – Improved Motor Skills – Stress Relief – Therapeutic

This, like most blogs is to be taken with a grain of salt.

If you or anyone you know if suffering mental illness and needs support please, contact Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.