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Why Fun Day Out?

Picture this… The school holidays are done and dusted, you sit down and start thinking about implementing a program for the next holidays and you think to yourself ‘where do I start’.

Of course, you can opt for the easy option and rebook all the activities the kids loved from last holidays but let’s be honest… kids need stimulation, diversity and they get bored quickly! Option 2, you can spend hours scrolling through endless internet pages of activities and become more confused and overwhelmed than when you started: who has time for that when you have observations to do and kids to look after.

Why not leave it to someone else to plan your program, book it in, provide you with the compliance documents, get the best price and you don’t have to pay until the activity is complete?

At Fun Day Out we are the experts in sourcing, booking and managing exclusive group activities. Giving you peace of mind, and an experience to remember. That aside. Why Fun Day Out, what makes us different?

Save time on Research – It is what we do, research, research and more research. We want to make sure that our activities are the best of the bunch. Fun Day Out makes sure we have a wide range of incursions and excursions to suit all different categories.

Lowest Prices – We source the lowest prices with the best value for your activities so that you know you are always getting the best deal with Fun Day Out. Not only do we provide the lowest prices, but we have an activity to suit every budget.

Compliance documentation – At Fun Day Out we know that OH&S and Compliance is number one when booking kids activities, so we ensure it is all readily available 24/7.

24 Hour Confirmation – We will secure and bookyour activity in 24 hours or less. We often get feedback from centres that one of the most frustrating things is trying to plan a program is waiting for providers to get back to you to secure all your activities in the program. We act as a one point of contact which means we do all the liaising on your behalf.

From start to finish Fun Day Out is there doing all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Better prices than going directly without all the hard yards… you’d be silly not too 😊