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Active Warriors

In a 3 way rotational structure each child will have a chance to participate at each station as part of a group.
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Gladiator Duels

Testing balance, agility, strength and mobility, this incursion will have the kids running, jumping, crawling and stretching.
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Bubble & Squeak

Come for a journey with Pure ImagiNathan for some balloontastic bubble fun.
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Summer Multi Sports

Active Attitudes programs look to build confidence in kids through skill development and encouraging them to explore new things.
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Duck Cameron

Master Magician Duck Cameron's unique performance has captivated kids worldwide with comedy, magic & wonderful interaction
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O’Brien Icehouse

Show your friends how fun and easy it is to pick up new skills by spending the day at O’Brien Icehouse.
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Hijinx Hotel

This immersive interactive experience features a whopping 15 rooms with different challenging games and activities
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Butterfly Frenzy

Welcome Butterflies into your Centre One of mother nature’s most beautiful creations is here for you to get up close and personal. Come inside our gazebo and immerse yourself in the...
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