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SuperHero Training Squad

Have you ever wanted to Lasso like Wonder Woman, move like Spiderman, or defend the planet?

Professor Bubbles

There is something magical about these coloured bubbles of soap that creates  a sense of wonder and amazement in the young and the young at heart

Tribute to our ANZACS

EcoWalks Soldier Explorer provides kids with an adventure learning about the stories of the significant events and experiences of Australians at war in Sydney during WWII.

The Botanic Gardens

First Nations Weaving Incursion

Learn about the different plants that Australia’s First Nations Peoples use to make string, rope, bags and baskets.

Japanese Experience

with Wasabi Kids

Providing authentic cultural performances for children by using traditional educational resources and teaching methods that are commonly used in Japan

Premier Partnership Program

NEW Fun Day Out Initiative

Get a preview of some of Fun Day Out's brand new providers and activities, as well as some helpful hints and suggestions on what to
include in your next holiday program.

Fun Day In

Fun Day Out Goes VIRTUAL!

Wanting to plan for Vacation Care but still in limbo due to COVID19?

The Stitches Collection

Children will tell their story by designing their own unique stitches character using cartoon drawing techniques
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Absolute Tom Foolery – Vacation Care
Absolute Tom Foolery, delights the children with a special blend of Magic and Circus in this laugh-a-minute show.
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Activate Warrior – Vacation Care
A 15-point team challenge hunt encouraging mindset and mateship to support one and other on a journey of survival to be the last troop standing.
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Adventure Quest – Vacation Care
Adventure Quest is an interactive show that follows similar principles while combining music, storytelling, drama. Children actively participate as a team to develop a story from choices at key moments...
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African Percussion – Vacation Care
Africa is one of the most culturally rich and diverse continents on Earth. Its Music is full of vibrancy, passion and energy which is used to celebrate, communicate and reflect...
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Amusement Rides – Vacation Care
Fun Day Out offers an extensive range of thrilling rides and old-time favourites ready to cater to your every need.
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Animal Adventures with The RuffTrack Crew – Vacation Care
Engaging hands on experience where children will learn about our furry, feathered, and scaly friends.
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ANZAC Day with Earthbeats – Vacation Care
This show is a unique and engaging Anzac Day experience with Aussie and Indigenous songs, Storytelling, Games and Traditional Instruments.
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ANZAC Day with Hort4Kidz – Vacation Care
Why are some plants traditionally worn on ANZAC day? Why are they significant and what do they represent? How does Rosemary help us to remember?
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Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq – Vacation Care
Arcade games, activities – dodgems, bowling and much more!
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Arrow Tag – Vacation Care
A hybrid mix of Paintball, Archery and Dodgeball – take the best bits and you have Arrow Tag!
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Art of Wonder with Jay Scott Berry – Vacation Care
Join grandmaster magician, Jay Scott Berry, on a wondrous journey into pure imagination.
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Artificial Intelligence – Vacation Care
Learn about the science of Artificial Intelligence, about how computer vision works, how a computer learns with Neural Networks.
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